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  1. General Halloween
    I need some advice how to handle the situation with I have a large number of people that want to go through my tiny one-car garage haunt. I had about 200 visitors and maybe half of them wanted to walk through... When the groups were small, I asked them to walk through slowly and enjoy. It's...
  2. General Halloween
    Finally got around to posting something to YouTube! I had about 200 visitors and maybe 100 walked through my haunt. It's not too scary, I keep it fairly tame as we have a lot of young children. Still it was a lot of fun to put together... Enjoy! :D
  3. General Halloween
    Having nice warm weather here this week so have been working on cleaning out our garage, taking out batteries in my new dino props and getting ready to store them. Garage doors were open when a guy and his two kids were walking past. He said hi and replied hi back. Then as his young daughter...
  4. General Halloween
    We use our front porch as part of our haunted trail that goes through our yard. This year we put our Pennywise figure on the porch, along with about 100 balloons and the It music playing. We also had a fog machine to make it more creepy. About an hour into trick or treating, a guy comes to the...
  5. General Halloween
    We have a neighbor a couple of houses down from us who's lived there for less than a year. She had company tonight & they were hanging out in her driveway. At one point one of her visitors walked up the street, paused for a bit & then walked back. I thought it was a bit odd. Then I realized what...
1-5 of 5 Results