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  1. Prop Showcase: 2017 Cemetery Walk Through - Edited with Day & Night versions and a bit of cool music

    Halloween Props
    2017 Cemetery Walk Through - Edited with Day & Night versions and a bit of cool music This is my first year having a full blown walking maze through my cemetery. We get around 600 kids and another 1200+ adults in our neighborhood and I was a bit scared of having most of them walk through my...
  2. 2013 Carlson Manor Haunt

    General Halloween
    2014 Carlson Manor Haunt Now that I've started posting I thought i'd post some photos from my 2014 haunt before i moved to my new house. :) Front Yard Front Yard 2 Pin Head Haunted Living Room Regan Hallway
  3. The Haunted Tents Walk Through 2015

    General Halloween
    ok I know im running a little late with posting the walk through for my haunt but hey ,,, at least I remembered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IwIKEzufvk
  4. My Halloween Display 2015

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    I wanted to post a video of the daytime view of my yard haunt this year. Next year I am going to expand and have a football field sized area that I can use to make a haunted walk through trail. This will be my first time doing something that big. So ANY ideas or suggestions will be greatly...
  5. 2015 - 'INSIDIOUS' Themed Yard Haunt (And my first year doing a walkthrough!)

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone! I hope it's okay that I'm starting my own thread for this... anyway~ I'm super stoked to share my progress pictures with you all. I LOVE watching your haunts come together, so I figured I'd share mine as well! I plan on posting LOTS of pictures and maybe some videos starting...
  6. Prop Showcase: 2011 Haunt Plan and Props. Eternal Evil.

    Halloween Props
    This will be a collection of props ideas experiment for this years walkthrough haunted house. The theme is Eternal Evil. Any ideas you have to contribute to this project would be appreciated. Its set in an old victorian style house, much like Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.
  7. Yard Haunt: First Video

    General Halloween
    Here's the first video we've taken of our yard haunt set to music. It's a little blurry for the first few seconds, but it gets better right after that. We use a total of 9 video projectors and multiple color beam projectors and large black lights to make the yard come "alive." Hope you enjoy...