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  1. General Halloween
    Since there seems to be new merch ever year, I figured we'd get this one started for 2019. Any new Nightmare stuff people have spotted yet? It looks like Home Depot will be getting the Jack and Sally animatronics from Spirit (no word yet on whether they will be an improvement). There will...
  2. Halloween Props
    The joints snap into place and they're kinda-sorta paint-corpsed a little. The cheapest I've seen in any store! Sorry if ya'll already know this, but this was news to me! Walgreen's wally's are like $50 these days and aside from eBay, I can't find a blucky for under $50 until now. Here are...
  3. General Halloween
    Ok I am excited to see what NBC stuff and Halloween stuff Walgreens has this year anyone seen anything yet ?
  4. General Halloween
    Looking forward to seeing what they have this year for NBC :)
  5. Halloween Props
    Hi all, I'm sure a lot of us do the same thing the week after Oct 31 and try to find some great clearance deals. I did this last year at all the Walgreens, Home Depots, etc... If you have Walgreens in your area, they do 50% off, 75% off, and then finally 90% a week or so after. AND if you...
  6. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    PM me if interested in the Pumpkin King Jack. I just spotted 2 more at another store in my area earlier today. Not looking to get rich off it but a small fee for my time and purchase of a box plus shipping to you can be arranged. Checkout via PayPal.
  7. Halloween Props
    Solar Powered Dancing Figurines / Bobble Heads 2017 Hello has anyone seen any Halloween themed Solar Powered Dancing Figurines / Bobble Heads yet either in the stores or in a store display book? If so please share some photos if that is possible and allowed. Thank you so much!!
  8. General Halloween
    Ok I am excited to see what NBC stuff and Halloween stuff Walgreens has this year I really wish they would do a big Zero this year anyone seen anything yet ?
  9. Halloween Props
    Last year after Halloween Walgreens hit 90% off, and one of the finds were LED candles for 40 cents a pair. I was not about to get 2 AA batteries for every candle, so I decided to make candle clusters. Straight forward to solder wires to the back of each candle tip,which unscrews from the...
  10. Halloween Props
    I stopped by Walgreens to get some pain killers today and saw they had the "lifesize" hanging Sally decoration. Are they releasing those again this year?
  11. General Halloween
    I love Peanuts Halloween items and I'm hoping that there are more of you out there that do as well (and those of you that don't mind helping us out). So, I thought it would be nice to start a thread where we can post Peanuts Halloween merchandise information. So far, I know that the...
  12. Wanted to Buy
    I posted this request in the Walgreens thread, but I thought I would make it here as well. If anybody comes across the large 5-6 Foot Jack at Walgreens, would they please consider picking it up for me? My two children have decided it is the grail for our Halloween setup this year and I'm very...
  13. Halloween Props
    Hi - I am new here. I guess it was 3 years ago I came across the life sized Jack Skellington in a Walgreens store here in North Carolina. Without hesitation I bought him, buckled him in the front seat on the truck and brought him home. When I saw him I knew where he would go: right up in the...
  14. General Halloween
    Have not seen this thread started. I am excited to see if Walgreens dose a new Nightmare before Christmas hanging character I would love for it to be zero. Also looking forward to see what they will have for other Halloween goodies.
  15. Halloween Props
    We made this Jack Skellington as a greeter for us to direct folks to the maze or the bunny trail. The Jack was from Walgreens and the pumpkin from Target.
  16. General Halloween
    Hey haunters, I went to cvs today and saw they are having a 33% of everything and it made me think well when do all of the stores start discounting there stuff, I don't mean 20 - 30% I mean 50% - 70%. Walgreens is having some sale I never new about like the life size witch was 49.99 now 34.99...
  17. General Halloween
    I looked for a thread for this but didn't see one. Feel free to direct me if needed LOL and LOOK WHAT I FOUND IN WALGREENS TODAY!
  18. Wanted to Buy
    I sold almost all of my Halloween props, including three Walgreens poseable skellies in preparation of retiring to Panama. Things didn't work out so I'm still in CA and looking to get back into haunting. I'm looking to start over on a couple of props and need 2-3 poseable skellies such as...
  19. Halloween Props
    Looking to mount a more realistic skull to the body of an old style Walgreen's (not Pose-N-Stay) skeleton. Would prefer to be able to have the head turn left to right and up and down. Has anyone done this before and do you have any recommendations?
  20. Halloween Props
    Hi, Has anyone done a breaking wheel prop? I'm planning on doing one this year with a Walgreens skeleton.
1-20 of 26 Results