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  1. General Halloween
    Just hit up walgreen for the first day of 70% off! Got some great huge skeleton heads, and a few skeleton chains....but there were lots of "cute" props as well....just sharing!
  2. Halloween Props
    I was in the Halloween Idea Factory today working on some props for this year. I decided I better get my skeleton passenger ready for the Pirate Rowboat that I stole from Creepy Creations and my new pirate captain ready for the pirate ship. As I was working on these props I quickly noticed...
  3. Halloween Props
    I had a bunch I wanted to do this year and it looks like I am getting close to getting it all finished. One of my projects wwas a cemetery fence. I just need to add a couple more finals and drill a few holes and it will be done. Here is something I figured would just be weird. Its a bear...
  4. Halloween Props
    Well maybe not a total makeover but something different. This is a blackbear skull on the walgreen skeleton. Whatcha think? I am envisioning him standing sentinel like, perhaps with a spear, a shield, and some tattered rags over the pelvic area. The color is a little off but it will be fine in...
1-4 of 4 Results