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  1. Wanted to buy

    Wanted to Buy
    Anyone have a Wacky Mole Clown for sale?
  2. Wanted- wacky mole clown

    Wanted to Buy
    Looking for Wacky Mole Clown sold a few years ago for a project I am doing.
  3. Other: Anyone have the instructions for Spirit's Wacky Mole Clown Prop?

    Halloween Props
    I bought Spirit Halloween's Wacky Mole Clown prop a few years ago during their After Halloween sale and the Instructions for him were missing. Just reorganizing some props now and would like to include the instructions with him before storing him back away. Any chance anyone can easily put their...
  4. More of those Wacky Halloween Decorations

    General Halloween
    As October begins the results are in, and some of the best decorations this year can be found at the oddest of places, none other than that bastion of building supplies, Home Depot. No kidding. After a Spirit Halloween walk-through I went over to Home Depot and was blown away by the selection...
  5. looking for spirit wacky mole clown

    Wanted to Buy
    looking for the spirit wacky mole clown prop. Anyone have one for sale, email me please. Thanks
  6. looking for wacky mole clown

    Wanted to Buy
    anyone have a wacky mole clown they would like to sell if you do pm me.
  7. Prop Showcase: Haunted Mansion Pop-up Ghost

    Halloween Props
    I decided to put my spin on one of the Haunted Mansion's pop-up ghosts, because you always need more wacky zombies, right? Shot a how-to video of it, as well: Let me know what you think!