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  1. HAUNTED RADIO: stranger things, green inferno, mchc, dawn of the dead, and more!!

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    This week on Haunted Radio, we are kick off the new year with news on the Motor City Haunt Club's Haunted Garage Sale, Stranger Things, The Green Inferno, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Dawn Of The Dead, Final Destination, and more!! Then, we review the John Carpenter film 'They Live' and then our...
  2. HAUNTED RADIO'S CRUEL YULE SHOW #2: audition, horror express, hell fest, and more!!

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    This week on Haunted Radio, we are continuing our 13th annual 'Cruel Yule' with news on Happy Death Day 2U, The Twilight Zone, The Exorcist, Halloween, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, Hell Fest, Horror Express, Audition, and more!! Then, our demonic DJ spins you around the 'Vortex' with 2...
  3. HAUNTED RADIO'S THANKSGIVING SHOW: headless horseman, horrific fx, twd, and more!!

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    This week on Haunted Radio, we are celebrating Thanksgiving with news on Haunted Hills Hospital, Headless Horseman's Frosty Fest, Horrific FX, The Walking Dead, and more!! Then, our demonic DJ spins you around the 'Vortex' with a Thanksgiving Day tune, and then we give you our top ten horror...
  4. Static: Mausoleum facade

    Halloween Props
    I've been very busy this year and haven't had much time for props like I usually do but my daughter and I did manage to build this mausoleum facade to house my laser vortex. We'll make the gate next year.
  5. 20' Spinning Vortex Tunnel For Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling the Junipero Haunting 20' Vortex Tunnel. Includes: (3) 12' metal rings (broken down in three sections each for ease of transport), wooden bridge, hand rails, entrance steps, handicapped exit ramp, 16' painted facade of Pennywise the Clown (from Stephen King's "It"), black fabric tunnel...
  6. Lighting: Best Laser for a Vortex

    Halloween Props
    Last year we set up a vortex using a pen style laser. After 90 minutes of changing batteries, I gave it up. Lotsa other stuff go in' on, don't ha know... what do you guys recommend for this year? I'm thinking something 110 Volt...
  7. GEP 20' Vortex Tunnel For Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Save BIG BEFORE TransWorld! Haunt Closing Liquidation GEP STANDARD VORTEX TUNNEL WITH UPGRADES The Standard Vortex Tunnel is constructed of 5 high grade aluminum rings that are 9 feet in diameter. For safety, the aluminum rings are lined with a flame-retardant fabric. The overall length of...
  8. Static: Not quite a noodle root but we tried

    Halloween Props
    My daughter and I have been working on this for weeks and just finished painting it yesterday. We tried the the noodle root approach but couldn't get the used shrink wrap to stick very good so we covered it with spray foam. I'm going to put my laser vortex in the middle of it.
  9. Fog: How to pump Fog into Vortex Tunnel

    Halloween Props
    Okay, I have a hallway in my maze that I want to use as a vortex tunnel. How do I pump fog into the hallway? I am having a mental road block. I have this fear of someone burning their ankle as they walk by the output.
  10. Lighting: Laser for vortex tunnel?

    Halloween Props
    What do people use for their lasers? I made a tunnel last year and used some crappy battery powered pointers, but we had to constantly switch them out because they would dim. Is there something out there that will run off an outlet, and will run for several hours without crapping out?
  11. Assisted Vortex Chiller

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    So... I know there's already instructions on how to make a Vortex Fog Chiller. However, I read in the other Vortex Chiller post that somebody suggested to add a small fan to the ducting, so I decided to build one to see how it works. This is my version, and it seems to work quite well. I call it...
  12. Garage Haunt 2017

    General Halloween
    This year our garage haunt is our biggest yet, and it's the first one I'm posting here from start-to-finish. We just finalized the layout. Construction begins in 2 weeks. The whole haunt is 18'x16' 6 rooms 3 animatronics (2 jumping spiders + 1 hanging zombie) 2 actors (in blue) ROOM 1...
  13. Fog: Quick Vortex Fog Chiller Question

    Halloween Props
    For those of you who have bought or made a Vortex fog chiller - what is the point of having the intake and outlet pipes on adjacent walls of the chiller? Wouldn't it work just as well if they were on opposite walls? For example: the intake is on the South wall of the chiller. The standard...
  14. Mechanical: Giant smoke rings

    Halloween Props
    I stumbled across this video on youtube the other day and I think I'll have to add it to my to do list for this year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgZZTUQP3L4
  15. Mechanical: Laser Vortex Where do you put yours?

    Halloween Props
    I bought the little party laser over a year ago and finally got around to putting it all together today. It looks much better in person (no black lines) than in the video. It's so wicked in my garage but it's behind my house so i was wondering where and how others use their vortex?
  16. Electronic/Software: Projector Vortex Tunnel Software

    Halloween Props
    I'm planning on having a vortex tunnel in this years haunted walk, and I've seen people who have had some luck using projectors. I happen to have a 2800 lumens projector kicking around, and thought I'd give it a shot before trying to figure out how to get one going with a laser. I whipped up...
  17. Fog: Vortex Fog Curtain

    Halloween Props
    Hi Guys and Gals, Has any body used one of these? The price is right. The company claims it is their patented system. I just want to make sure its something more that 3" pvc drilled with holes before I committ to the buy. Of course it needs a chiller. Anybody have any experience with these?
  18. Atmosphere Effects: Need some help with Space, Lazer, Light, Lightning, and Plasma Ray effects!

    Halloween Props
    For all of you who have ventured before me, I'm calling on my fellow haunters who have experience with lazer lights, plasma rays, lightning, and ion cannon effects you've used successfully! My theme this year is Star Wars and I've requested the support from the 501st (Worldwide Star Wars...
  19. 3d Printer

    General Halloween
    Does anyone have a 3d printer. I have just convinced my better half to buy me one for my Birthday. Cant wait for it to arrive. I'm already designing stuff to make wit it. I'm working on a bracket for a vortex mirror so I can move the vortex around. Should look cool.
  20. Want to buy a Laser Vortex from flea bay seller

    Merchant Reviews
    Has anyone bought a laser vortex from this guy? The video on YouTube recites the name Juneau Studios, is it a good buy ? I'm spending $71.00 bucks, I might be inclined to make one myself but I just don't want spend money if I'm making one that might turn out crappy, any advice or can someone...