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  1. GEP 20' Vortex Tunnel For Sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Save BIG BEFORE TransWorld! Haunt Closing Liquidation GEP STANDARD VORTEX TUNNEL WITH UPGRADES The Standard Vortex Tunnel is constructed of 5 high grade aluminum rings that are 9 feet in diameter. For safety, the aluminum rings are lined with a flame-retardant fabric. The overall length of...
  2. Electronic/Software: Time Warp- Led Vortex Tunnel 2015

    Halloween Props
    Here is the Led Vortex Tunnel I built for 2015. It is made using 1500 smart Led pixels (WS2811) and a T-8000 controller. The idea was to create an electronic version of the classic rotating tunnel. It worked pretty good and made a lot of people dizzy! The walkway is a 15 foot long ramp with...
  3. Static: Vortex tunnel/ spinning tunnel

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone have and recommendations on fabric/tarp that I can attach to the frame of the tunnel and then paint? Also does anyone have any recommendations for paint patterns?
  4. Lighting: Laser Vortex Question

    Halloween Props
    I put together a laser vortex with the intentions of filming it, and putting in a Halloween window projection, but I'm having a problem. When using the mirror technique (pictures below) the laser shoots into the middle of the vortex, and I would like to avoid this. Is there a trick to keep that...
  5. Haunt video and the VORTEX TUNNEL!!!!

    General Halloween
    Well, even after complaining that we had a whopping 27 days to prep for this year after losing power to the haunted house, we still pulled it off last night! First, here's a video tour of our haunt (Mercy Glen Hospital) - it was similar to last year except we added an actor in the body parts...