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  1. General Halloween
    This year I did a Bayou theme which was so fun to put together. I tried to keep it realistic and not over the top fake. I even got to do some more paper mache, and made an alligator head to surface itself in the faux water. There was a super creepy ambience between the voodoo chants I had...
  2. Halloween Props
    Have you created any photo ops and incorporated scare props? we had folks taking pictures with some of our static props (crypts, Corpses, mausoleum), so I wanted to build something specifically for photo ops. I’ve seen the electric chairs that vibrate/flash when unsuspecting ToTs sit down...
  3. Halloween Crafts
    Ok let the next round of fun begin. Show off you Voodoo hoodoo for March. From alters to dolls I can't wait to see it all.
  4. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I've haven't been online in a long long time. I forgot how much I love this forum. (Had health issues) Okay, so I am working on a Theme for next year. Voodoo/swamp theme. (It's too late to do one this year). Please help by giving me ideas. I want ideas on decorations, and I need a list of...
  5. Halloween Crafts
    Here is the craft of the month list f to give you all a heads up :) Look forward to seeing what everyone makes [SIZE=4] JUNE - VICTORIAN / GOTHIC ITEM JULY - Any kind of prop you want maybe your making something for your haunt post up your creations
  6. General Halloween
    Hi guys! I used to do the haunted house at my kids' school every year, but for the last three years, I have also been doing a big party at home. It is growing in size and this year I think our guests are now expecting something amazing. :) So, this is the first year I am going in with an...
  7. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Have you ever bought one item and planed your theme around it? What items have you gotten you said ok I know what my theme will be ? I have when I got a tombstone as a reaper gift I was like this year will be voodoo. I have a clock I picked up and I am so leaning more towards mad hatter...
  8. General Halloween
    Havent posted much lately as my party is this saturday! starting to feel the pressure especially because I wasn't happy the way my first attempt at Jambalaya turned out. Here are some picts of the set up. I shamelessly copied papa voodoo from the members here ( of course mine is not as...
  9. Wanted to Buy
    Looking to buy voodoo back talker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-MIk74bUrw or the Juju back talker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHm7w6ZAOUg
  10. General Halloween
    Hey all! My husband and I have decided this year's theme is "The Curse of the Voodoo Bayou." We got super excited about everything we can do with it prop and decor-wise, and I got equally excited about doing priest / priestess costumes. So here's my question - are we going to offend people? As...
  11. Halloween Music
    I'm looking for sugestions on what I could playfor my Voodoo theme this year. I need help with this one.
  12. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm planning to put a life size Witch Doctor in the front yard this year. I've been looking at WD costumes online and they seem to be all over the map. Besides a claw and tooth necklace and a voodoo staff of some kind, what characterizes a witch doctor to you? Especially the mask. I want...
  13. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi, my wife wants to make a voodoo doll costume. We found this on Pinterest: This is more or less what she had in mind, but she wants to sew the dress herself. We've been searching for patterns for something like this, but haven't found anything. Anybody got something like this?
  14. Halloween Props
    I got some little zombie heads from a forum member. They change from red to green to blue to white. Is this done by varying the voltage or is it voodoo.
  15. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Well guys, 2015's party has come and gone. The Carnival of Carnage was a success in its own right. The night was unlike what I had planned but I learned alot in my first haunt/party. Three months of building was worth it for the "hell of a party" I threw. Pictures are in my album for those who...
  16. General Halloween
    I am going to expand to include a voodoo scene this year in my Conjurers Consortium. It is really late to do this, so I am hoping for ideas and photos to be added here. I know that there have been a lot of this theme done in Secret Reapers this year. It will be trying and time consuming to go...
  17. Halloween Props
    Needing to Help Decorate a Cane for Halloween This Year, But i am Just at A Loss as what to Decorate it as, My Yard is going to be a Haunted Voodoo Cemetery Scene, but this is for Someone else, any Help is Appreciated .
  18. Halloween Props
    I just noticed these at Lakeside Collection's website and immediately thought that they certainly had Halloween applications - whether used in a witch's lair, voodoo shack, medieval castle, laboratory, cave, or other setting. Skulls, oversized rats (or a pile of normal-sized vermin), ill-omened...
  19. General Halloween
    Hi guys, Are there any people practicing Wicca? VooDoo? I need some info if you would please PM me. I have a few friendly questions I need answered and I'd rather hear it from someone that has a lot of actual knowledge of these two religions than from Google. ;) Thanks . . . GG
  20. Halloween Props
    Just a little sampling of some of my creations! All of which are representative of what I produce and sell regularly. So please contact me if anything strikes your dark explorer vibe!! Contact me for info.
1-20 of 38 Results