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  1. Spirirt has no spirit.

    General Halloween
    A month or so ago I asked a sales person at the local Spirit if I could put up a flyer looking for haunt volunteers. She said OK . Came back last week after no response and was told District manager said Take it down. So I said "I guess Spirit wants our money but doesn't want to support the...
  2. volunteers for haunted house venue?

    General Halloween
    Good Evening All! I'm new here and I'm contemplating starting a Halloween haunt next year. I notice many existing (and very successful) haunts use or advertise "volunteers". How can any business rely on volunteers? What's the incentive for the volunteer? Of course I need to do everything...
  3. Looking for volunteers to maybe help me with a soundtrack

    Halloween Music
    So I just came up with a cool idea for a prop but it will require a lot of prep work on my part. My home haunt is based on the idea that we are the ground level entrance for a large underground zombie research center. I thought it would be really cool to have a walkie talkie sitting next to me...
  4. East Toronto haunt looking for volunteers!

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Howdy everyone! My family and I run a one night haunt on Halloween out in Whitby, quite close to Toronto. We're looking to collect a few volunteers to fuel an expansion we're putting together this year. We sure could use some community help with build, and take down. Additionally, we're looking...
  5. What do you do for your haunt volunteers?

    General Halloween
    I started preliminary planning for the backyard haunt for next year. It's a Halloween night-only, backyard haunt. Last year was our first year, and despite low turn-out, I would consider it a success. I had a blast! Of course, I want to do better next year. One thing I want to do is organize...
  6. School project, can we make this a halloween tour?

    General Halloween
    Talia brought home a little homework project. silly little story, but it pretty much boils down to a kind of chain letter idea. She made a self portrait we are supposed to mail around, the recipient is supposed to send a postcard back, and maybe a pic with the portrait 'doing something fun'...