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  1. Gory Christmas trees?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    One day I will apply to be a volunteer to decorate the White House at Christmas...one day...& if I did have free reign (though I'm sure that would NEVER happen) I'd probably toss up trees just like these (or worse)! No matter what you think of the current adminstration, love it or hate it, set...
  2. volunteers for haunted house venue?

    General Halloween
    Good Evening All! I'm new here and I'm contemplating starting a Halloween haunt next year. I notice many existing (and very successful) haunts use or advertise "volunteers". How can any business rely on volunteers? What's the incentive for the volunteer? Of course I need to do everything...
  3. Raising money for a volunteer trip

    Off-Topic Stuff
    If anyone is feeling charitable, I'd like to present my GoFundMe campaign, in which I am attempting to raise some money to make a volunteer trip to India and do some charity work with slum children, in a school, etc. It's always been a dream of mine to go to India, as I am deeply connected to...
  4. Static: Giant Pumpkin-jack o latern/Scarecrow guys

    Halloween Props
    A long time ago I thought I saw a blog online that showed you a "how to" to make really tall jack o latern/scarecrow props. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? These guys are at least over 6 foot tall. Trying to build 2 of these guys for the haunt I volunteer work and need some additional...
  5. What do you do for your haunt volunteers?

    General Halloween
    I started preliminary planning for the backyard haunt for next year. It's a Halloween night-only, backyard haunt. Last year was our first year, and despite low turn-out, I would consider it a success. I had a blast! Of course, I want to do better next year. One thing I want to do is organize...
  6. Campground Halloween event

    Member Introduction
    Hello! We own a campground in Southern Maine, on the border of Rochester NH and Lebanon, ME. We are gearing up for our 3rd Annual Halloween Event. We have a haunted house & haunted hayride. We also have a nine hole mini golf course that we will decorated for the event. If any of you live in...
  7. Best Halloween Prank EVER!

    General Halloween
    Back in 1979 I volunteered to work for the March of Dimes Haunted House in Dallas. They wanted me to be The Mummy, so they wrapped me up in dirty linen and put a full Mummy Head Mask on my head. The Room Scene was painted to look like it was out in the Sahara and it had a wooden sarcophagus...
  8. Calling all Washington State Haunters

    Announcements / Press Releases
    We are a new Seattle-Based Non-Profit, organization, our focus: To develop a Professional Haunted Atraction that Seattle has never seen before. The goal for our debut Haunt is October 2010. We need volunteers willing to be leaders in this early stage of Organization Development. Our...