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  1. [Moved from RDU 2 MCO: 15 mins to WDW Haunted Mansion] Inexpensive source to control AC voltage to change speed of motors?

    Halloween Props
    It's been waaaaay too long. But my dream finally did come true: almost 2 yrs ago I moved from the Buckle of the Bible Belt in Raleigh NC to... get this... about a 15 minute drive to the Magic Kingdom + thus my own persona pilgrimage spot: The Haunted Mansion. Wife & I are Gold Annual...
  2. Lighting: Solar versus Low voltage

    Halloween Props
    Currently most of my lighting is driven by low voltage power or by 110 AC. However I was wondering if anyone has tried using mostly solar lights. I see advantages and disadvantages of each but I wanted to start a discussion. Powering the lights with Low voltage or AC requires many more wires...
  3. Lighting: Custom Lighting for Outdoor Signage - How To?

    Halloween Props
    Howdy Folks! This is my first post in what feels like eons (on a new account, no less).... and I'm so glad to see this community is still THRIVING, even during the off-season! I've tasked myself with an elaborate project for next year, and it involves something I have little experience with...
  4. Electronic/Software: Vintage power supply for Wiper motor

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, quick question, I may be able to pick up a vintage power supply for cheap, output voltage says 13.5v DC, 3A max continuous, 5A peak. Will that run a wiper motor?
  5. 9V 2500mA DC Adapter

    Wanted to Buy
    I am in search of a 9V 2500mA DC adapter for the Dead Eye Drake animatronic from Gemmy Industries. It does not need to be the exact same adapter, and it also does not have to have the exact 2500mA it states. I just need a similar voltage to operate him. If anyone has a spare, or a link to...
  6. Looking for: High Voltage Electrical Box (Spirit Halloween)!

    Wanted to Buy
    Image: Youtube video of High Voltage/Death Row combo: This will be my second time doing a yard haunt, but this is the first year we’re going all in. We will be doing an asylum theme. I’ve already got the lovely Death Row inmate, but am looking for the High Voltage box that can activate it...
  7. New PWM Meter & Low Voltage Cutoff Switch

    For Sale By Merchants
    PWM Meter - $19.99 https://www.servocity.com/pwm-meter Need to know what PWM signal your receiver, robot or servo controller is sending? Simply plug in our PWM Meter to see a readout of the PWM signal in microseconds (µsec). If you wish to pass that signal on to your servo or device, just plug...
  8. Electronic/Software: Will powering a 12V wiper motor with a 16V power supply cause problems?

    Halloween Props
    Probably a simple question, but I googled around for a bit and couldn't find a conclusive answer. The title pretty much says it all - I picked up a 12V DC wiper motor today for a prop that I'm planning to build, and the only power supply I could find lying around my house was rated at 16V / 6A...
  9. Lighting: LED question

    Halloween Props
    I got some little zombie heads from a forum member. They change from red to green to blue to white. Is this done by varying the voltage or is it voodoo.
  10. Electronic/Software: Michael's Cauldron Witch HELP!

    Halloween Props
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtEG4G77u7w Just got this today for $5! It was the display model, and missing the wall plug... Anyone know what voltage or replacement would work with it? Thanks!
  11. Electronic/Software: Chin up zombie prop

    Halloween Props
    does anyone know the specs of the adapter for this prop?? voltage and amperes... thanks ...