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  1. Halloween Props
    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/fTJSfBQC-WI This a project I actually completed for Halloween 2017, but have been lax in finding the time to take some decent pics and shoot a video of it in action. I always loved the Grave-Digging Skeleton, but always wondered if I could re-engineer it in a new way...
  2. Halloween Props
    Looking to do a Leering Skeleton prop and something else. I already invested in one wiper motor, 12 volt power and speed control. Looking to go a cheaper route for the second one. I read the cheap synchronous motors are good but get hot???? It will need to run for 4 hours straight. Would...
  3. Wanted to Buy
    I bought the Spirit of Halloween Mad Scientist from 2008 off ebay. It did not come with a plug. I need to figure out what Volt plug to use with it. I am hoping to find someone that has him. Please help!
  4. Halloween Props
    Last year we set up a vortex using a pen style laser. After 90 minutes of changing batteries, I gave it up. Lotsa other stuff go in' on, don't ha know... what do you guys recommend for this year? I'm thinking something 110 Volt...
  5. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi, I’ve got 16 of these units. They are a 12 volt 5 amp power supply with a PWM speed controller wired to it. These are all new and bench tested. Comes with the power cord. Perfect for wiper motor powered props. They are all very similar to the one pictured. $10each plus shipping. Please PM...
  6. Halloween Props
    2 bar lift, 60 rpm 12 volt motor
  7. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I'd like to sell these as a lot. All of the parts are new. The lot includes: 2) 12 volt PWM speed controllers (great for wiper motors) 2) 12 volt LED rotary dimmers with on/off switch (I believe they are good for 5 amp) 28) 2.5mm x 5.5mm x 5 foot power extension cables male/female 70) female...
  8. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have 4 small gear motor assemblies available. $18 each plus shipping. 1) 110 volt AC 6 RPM gear motor with machined mount, die cast hub for attaching motor to a prop. 2) 110 volt AC 6 RPM gear motors with machined mount and a 1/2" PVC neck attached. Could be used for making a head rotate...
  9. Halloween Props
    Has anyone ever used real display panel meters (see attached pic) to work randomly (needle moving back and forth)? I want to be able to hook a lot of these up to a control display box together and would like them to do something. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  10. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Lot of Misc Electronic PropBuilding Parts (SOLD) I have another lot of parts I dug up. Included: 1) Simple Circuit Boards 3 relay programmable relay board (instructions included) 1) Simple Circuit Boards Sound Activated Relay Board 1) Altronix AL 6/12 6 volt/12 volt power supply board 1)...
1-10 of 10 Results