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  1. Halloween Music
    I'm looking to replicate what I call "effects". I've been corrected numerous times, however, I still don't know how to create the alteration to vocal audio. My program I have is FL (also Audacity) and I know nothing. The goal is to be able to have a filter or something I can run and voice...
  2. Halloween Props
    Hey folks, getting to be that time of year (pretty much year round for most of us). One of my goals this season was to hook up one of the Imagineerieing Magic Mirror displays in my haunt door. I've been able to figure out everything except the voice. I found MorphVox pro and Voice Changer 6...
  3. For Sale By Merchants
    Greetings fellow haunters! We at Night Frights have been incredibly busy as of late, and now that we've hit the 100 day countdown to Halloween, we wanted to share with you guys the fact that we've got several new products for the Ghost Bust available... 1) The Seance Table! Our new pneumatic...
1-3 of 3 Results