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  1. General Halloween
    Our 5th annual haunt collaboration. Close to 800 visitors over three hours. Lots of great scares and screams. Our crew did an outstanding job as always. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/embed/A-tlc31S7fI?fbclid=IwAR3FvLdJfLf1sMu2CWlrVVALST8jPm3jENdd6eXHppyiWsdU85W4YX2SnF8
  2. General Halloween
    Finally got around to posting something to YouTube! I had about 200 visitors and maybe 100 walked through my haunt. It's not too scary, I keep it fairly tame as we have a lot of young children. Still it was a lot of fun to put together... Enjoy! :D
  3. General Halloween
    Hey all, been a while. I want to get a low cost camera to mount and film the visitors scares at my house this year. Plug in with night vision that records to an SD card is preferred. Anyone got some recommendations? Thanks
  4. General Halloween
    Hey folks! I would like some help in figuring out my final scare for our home haunt this year. I'll give some basic info about our setup, then my ideas and problems for the final scene itself. So, first- our haunt. 90% of the haunt is outdoors. It follows our long gravel driveway through the...
  5. Member Introduction
    Just a little introduction, my name is Sebastiaan and i'm from the Netherlands. i'm part of an group who organizes a halloween themed event, which consists of games for (small) children and a market for their parents.. Halloween isn't a big thing over here but last year we had 2500+ visitors in...
  6. General Halloween
    This was a fun year with a lot of visitors. Thanks for watching the video!
  7. General Halloween
    Greetings Everyone! We had to skip 2015, so it was nice to be back in 2016! We had approx 250 visitors, which is down from 2014... but not bad for a Monday night. Sure had a lot of fun! Many regulars were back and much fun was had. Had several visitors say they felt this was our best year...
  8. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    :D well I am wondering if anybody here loves hhn as much as i do
  9. General Halloween
    Thank You All Members and Visitors! Halloween 2015 Halloween Season 2015 Is Here! NOW! All Members and Visitors: It is very important to me to reach out to you again and extend my gratitude to YOU. Thank you for being an important part of the HalloweenForum.com community. It is our members...
  10. General Halloween
    As group of adults were walking away after going through The Ravens Grin Inn---- "That was incredible! I couldn't stop smiling for two hours!" And still some people .. wonder why people come here.. after 28 years... Still pleasing people my own way. Everyone in that group were all "First...
1-10 of 13 Results