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  1. Halloween Props
    Hey guys I seen a post here about window projector material but I don't want to use a sheet. Also someone said NOT to use a frosted material. Im thinking of a white translucent vinyl, would that work and does anyone have some links to amazon for brands they have tested. I hate the effect the...
  2. Halloween Props
    I want to attach some skeletons to the front of my house. I did a search and didn't come up with anything, but that could be user error on my part. Anyone have any ideas they could pass on would be great.
  3. Halloween Props
    Hi All, One of my big concerns in building props is being able to store them for next year. While I have a decent size house - my decorations tend to be big - the bigger the better. This year I am building a new fence and gate and wanted to make some cool pillars. I work in the sign and...
  4. Halloween Props
    last year I spray painted a beach ball with paint and it worked out fine, this year I went thru all my spray paint and a few I bought and nothing dries, any body got any ideas on what I can use. Last years paint either came from lowes or home depot.
  5. Halloween Music
    Vintage Vinyl LP Halloween Albums updated Hey everyone, I've been looking for a link to these Vintage Vinyl LP Halloween Albums. A PM Link would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Halloween Props
    I'm looking to make a large lawn spider and want to glue together two large vinyl beach balls, does anyone know of a good glue for this? zoot
  7. Halloween Props
    Hi, so I found this absolutely stunning Dracula bust/statue at an estate sale. I know almost everything about Halloween props, but have never seen anything like this. Its approx 25" tall, and heavy. Made of resin or vinyl I believe. Has jewels all over it that sparkle, you cant really tell...
    Has anyone tried to knock the GLARING shine off of vinyl boots? I have a pair of wrestling costume boots that I need to make much less shiny for a Superman costume. I tried Googling and found several different answers and ideas, but none ever seemed to be certain. Ideally the boots should...
  9. Halloween Props
    I wanted to have skeletons climbing up side of the house. How can i attach them to vinyl siding?
  10. Halloween Music
    Has anyone listen to this vinyl yet? It is wonderful!
  11. Halloween Props
    I wanted to put a ton of webbing and giant spiders on our house. It's vinyl siding. What do you guys use to attach props to siding? Thanks!
  12. Halloween Props
    We have a huge garage door which is basically the front of the house on ToT because we're on the corner. So I dressed it up with this cut out bats idea. The last shot is the best. Target has vinyl ones but I'm not sure if I'll need to use those. I am going to use the bloody hand prints they sell.
1-12 of 12 Results