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  1. Vintage Halloween junkie

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone, I am an avid vintage Halloween junkie. I shop at thrift stores, dollars stores, and any kind of discount store for my Halloween fix. I wanted to add to the posts of where to buy great Halloween items. This store is called Tai Pan Trading. It already has its Halloween items out, and...
  2. Vintage Style Halloween Shirts! All 5$ each.

    For Sale By Merchants
    http://http://www.etsy.com/shop/CoolDoom I have Woman's and Men's Shirts and DO take requests!
  3. Kelly's "Scary toys in my attic"

    Well, this is my first time "blogging", but I decided to give it a try..I'll get the hang of it..Two reasons I decided to, one was to keep me from throwing random crap all over the forum board..the other because there are four feet of leaves in my yard that need raking and this just seemed much...
  4. Collegeville and Ben Cooper Costumes with Masks FOR SALE

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hey everyone. I have two Costumes with masks for sale. One is made by Ben Cooper, and the other is Collegeville. I would prefer to sell this together, and in that case you will get a better deal. I am asking $20 a piece Thanks, Austin :)
  5. Set of Four of my Vintage Styled Halloween character Nodders

    For Sale By Merchants
    Just finished these little guys, a charming set of Vintage styled Halloween character Nodders. Mr. Goblin, Mr. Black cat, Mr. Devil, and Mr. Pumpkin Head all have spring action heads, and would be a charming addition to anyone's vintage collection! They will be making a appearance at my Every...
  6. Retroween.com sells the retro Halloween decorations you remember seeing as a kid

    For Sale By Merchants
    Visit Retroween.com for all your vintage design Halloween decoration needs.
  7. WTB Elvgren/Pin up girl material...

    Wanted to Buy
    Does anyone know where I may be able to find fabric the same as or similar to this?...
  8. 1930's Jazzy Halloween Music

    If you are looking for very vintage halloween music, look no further, here is the album: You can buy it @ Amazon. Here are just a few of the songs offered.....scary! "The Ghost of Smokey Joe" Cab Calloway "The Skeleton In The Closet" Putney Dandridge "Minnie the Moocher at the Morgue"...