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  1. Vintage Beistle Halloween

    General Halloween
    When I think of vintage Halloween items, I can't get very far without visualizing Beistle products. They produced some of the most rustic but memorable decorations I can think of. I would love to see what everyone has in their collections.
  2. 2016 Vintage Indoor Halloween Displays

    General Halloween
    I hope everyone is busy at it and getting ready for our time of year! I have finished my favorite part of my indoor display "The Museum Room" and wanted to share some pictures with you all. Each year the display gets bigger and I love it. I hope you all enjoy seeing some of my vintage plastics...
  3. 2016 Victorian Trading Company

    General Halloween
    Last day today, 5/1/16, FREE SHIPPING plus sale! I just ordered the Sir Owl statue. They have some neat things~here's their ad + a sampling of some Halloween related wares: http://www.victoriantradingco.com/item/50-sr-5024887/109/sir-i-m-wise...
  4. Massive collection for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    My husband Lewis Zornes, special effects/make up specialist for Creature Corps/Robert Kurtzman ( horror legend, director ) was killed this past summer in a kyaking accident in uper sandusky ohio. His last work was the creation of the shark in the movie Shark Lake before he passed. I need to...
  5. CarnEVIL ideas for 2016

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    2016 Halloween party plans are underway! We have reserved the 30x100 red and white striped tent as well as a smaller tent to make an entrance. The tent will be set up on Monday of decor week with the party being on October 22nd. We have some big ideas, including a carousel horse that can be sat...
  6. How do you feel about vintage reproductions?

    General Halloween
    I was at an estate sale yesterday and scored 2 original Beistle cut outs, they're in pretty good condition and I'm happy to add them to my collection. After the estate sale, I headed to an antique mall and spent hours looking at vintage Halloween decorations, some original and some...
  7. Vintage Hallowe'en: My 2015 Display

    General Halloween
    Hey all! I've been awfully quiet on the forums this year. I haven't had much to build, since my thematic party is 1980s themed this year: so it's been a very minimal decorating year. That won't be the case for 2016! But, don't think I'm here empty-handed. Here are some shots of my vintage...
  8. Static: Cause I'm gonna throw knives at my sideshow. ;) (At a safe distance of course)

    Halloween Props
    Figured a vintage Sideshow act needed a vintage paint scheme and I think I've captured an early feel with this knife throwing backboard. It's just some old barn board and 4x4's. It also folds in half. Until 2 days ago, i hadn't thrown a knife in 15+ years. It came back to me quite quickly...
  9. Vintage Halloween Party Theme

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Almost there on setting up for our Party... Here are tables and details of my setup. I have a studio. And in the bathroom:
  10. Other: What to do when latex starts to decay?

    Halloween Props
    Unfortunately this year a few of our rubber/latex props are starting to rot away because they're about 20 years old now. It really sucks because they mean a lot to me and some of them are extremely rare. Is there anything that can be done to prevent or stop them from decaying?
  11. Thrift Finds 2015

    General Halloween
    I wasn't able to find a thread about thrift store/garage sale/antique store finds. I love finding old school and newer Halloween goodness for pennies on the dollar. I will be posting some pictures of my recent finds to this thread. Feel free to share some of your thrift finds here are well...
  12. My Masks - Among the Living Masks

    For Sale By Merchants
    I thought I had posted this in here before but couldn't find it. I started making masks this year and have completed 2 sculpts so far. He's Coming, a Michael Myers mask based on the cut-out in the Strode yard in part 6. And Jack the Pumpkin, inspired by the vintage Beistle decorations. I offer...
  13. Vintage Black Cat Pottery Open Sugar or vase Shafford Japan

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    downsizing some of my various collections. Having a big yard sale at the end of the month, thought I would offer a few Halloween related pieces here. This is a 1950's Shafford Co , made in Japan black cat open sugar bowl ( Google Shafford black cats and they made lots of items with this cat) It...
  14. Vintage halloween metal sign and plaque

    General Halloween
    Hi! I am looking for vintage metal sign and plaque; I found something on ebay, but not so much. Do you have other suggestions of where to buy? Cause I am writing from Italy I would need international shipment. Thanks everybody. This forum is awesome! I just find a precious help in a previous...
  15. Vintage collegeville ben coppers mask

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello everyone, i was recently going to buy a vintage devil mask on ebay, unfornately the user ended the sale, anyways, i was wondering if any of you have a vintage mask/costume, or might know where can i get them. Thanks!
  16. Vintage Movie Monster theme

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    last year my theme was 'vintage movie monsters'. Universal Studio Monsters! Each area was based on Classic Movie monsters. Entry room was "the Mummy", Front room was Frankensteins lab, and Dracula themed room. Framed Movie posters really added to the rooms! FRANKENSTIEN LAB 243948
  17. Vintage Halloween Blog

    A new blog about old Halloween stuff for the average ghoul of non-discriminating tastes. The Sane Halloween Observer : http://vintage-halloween.blogspot.com
  18. Yard Haunt or Yard Display?

    General Halloween
    Yard Haunt vs. Yard Display Today I pose a question to Halloween enthusiasts alike. Which do you do: a yard haunt or a yard display? When I started my Halloween roots I was destined to build props and create a yard haunt. I had friends come over and we would portray Movie Maniacs to get the...
  19. Lighting: Gemmy "Rusty Attic Light" video / Spirit prop

    Halloween Props
    Here's a video of the Gemmy Rustic Attic Light that I bought from Spirit Halloween today. Really love the look. It's part of their attic scene set up. Retails for 19.99. Runs off A/C power cord (apx 5 feet in length) and has an On/Off switch. There is no sound and is not sound or motion...
  20. Scarecrow's Revenge/Vintage Halloween party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Last year we had our first annual mid - summer halloween party. It was a Hotel Manderley theme. This year we're changing our venue to a friend's barn. We wanted our theme to compliment the barn so I think we're going with a vintage black and orange theme, and incorporating the harvest look with...