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  1. General Halloween
    Scott Morris, son of MORRIS COSTUMES founders Philip and Amy Morris, discusses his parents' early Ghost Shows that paved the way for their eventual launch of Morris Costumes, which would become the largest wholesaler of Halloween products in the world, plus growing up in and around Halloween...
  2. General Halloween
    Hey guys! So the last few months I've been building a new computer/office setup and I've been thinking a lot about vintage Halloween or collectables that have to do with Halloween. I plan on buying a few things for the new office I just wanted to know what are your "prized possessions" that is...
  3. General Halloween
    Are there any decorations/props either vintage or brand new that you have been adding to your shopping carts or ebay watch lists or are hoping to buy for Halloween 2016? Personally I'm excited to be re-adding a Telco Scarecrow to my collection after selling one I had a few years ago. I won't...
  4. Halloween Crafts
    Hi everyone - I am so late to post but here we go - more to follow!
  5. General Halloween
    Since we're all Halloween fanatics, I'm sure a few ppl have some funny/interesting stories to share on acquiring Halloween decor/props. I myself am one of those people. This is a longwinded story but one that I think you'll enjoy or appreciate so here goes: During the 80's/90's there was a...
  6. For Sale By Merchants
    Only have a few of these left, then they're GONE! >> Retro100.com
  7. General Halloween
    thecraftshoppe.com has some really good paper mache lanterns, coffin boxes, haunted houses and pumpkins - all bare paper mache so you can decorate them how you like. Special note about the lanterns - they are vintage repros of the old choir boy pumpkin heads and they come with inserts. Very...
1-7 of 8 Results