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  1. Pumpkin Vine Arms from Villafane Studios

    Halloween Props
    I'm sure I should post this in the vendor section but I want some better traffic. Has anyone heard of Villafane Studios Pumpkin Vine Arms? I just received my first set of arms and legs. They really look great. I will be buying more! I hope this link works........ http://villafanestudios.com/...
  2. Villafane Has Competition...

    General Halloween
    This watermelon carving of a dragon by Valeriano Fatica is incredible, and he also does pumpkins. https://www.yahoo.com/food/people-are-obsessing-over-this-watermelon-carving-124575765476.html
  3. Villafane has new accessories!

    General Halloween
    they are cute, easy and affordable.
  4. PUMPKINHEADZ Pumpkin Vine Arms, Legs & Stems by Villafane NOW available

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi everyone! I own these personally and am now very pleased to announce that HalloweenDecorNMore.com now has full stock of the Villafane Studios ‘Pumpkinheadz’ Pumpkin Vine Arms, Legs and Stems created by Master Pumpkin Sculptor, Ray Villafane! A sure way to make any pumpkin come to life! You...