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  1. Video!! Halloween Yard Haunt

    General Halloween
    Day & Dusk Walk-through.Huge Front Yard Graveyard Display, 14 Horrifying Themed Rooms in the Backyard. Circus & Carnival Room, Tortured Room, Toxic & Mad Scientist Room, Slaughter House Butcher Room, Frozen Meat market Room, Baby Zombie Nursery Room, Swamp "TheRing" Room, Jason Room. Freddy...
  2. A Pumpkin Carving Horror Story

    General Halloween
    So I recently made a short video about my pumpkin carving experience a couple years ago. Here it is... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6jW7s_mJr4 As the story goes, my girlfriend and I were carving a pumpkin with an awful Walgreens-quality "carver" when the blade simply broke off. Seeing as...
  3. Spooky, animated music videos

    Halloween Music
    Hi all, I'm a synthrock musician in Brooklyn, NY, and I have a couple of animated music videos that I think readers of this forum will enjoy. Haunted castles, zombies, psychotic DJs, Charlie Brown-style dancing, and more!! Check them out on my website...