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  1. Electronic/Software: Singing busts help!

    Halloween Props
    Hello all! I'm new here, but have been building displays for Halloween for years. I've been doing projection stuff for about 4 years now. Issue I have this year is I'm doing the singing busts from Haunted Mansion. I got the download from here https://youtu.be/W80vZQgcrzQ. I need to come up with...
  2. Electronic/Software: Free and DIY Halloween projection video loops

    Halloween Props
    This is my first attempt at a Halloween projection video. I was playing with various techniques and just getting comfortable with the video editing software. It has no audio, and is meant to be one of several loops that I'll use in the days leading up to Halloween. Feel free to use this in...
  3. Electronic/Software: Video Ripping and Editing

    Halloween Props
    What software do you all use for ripping stuff like Atmosfearfx DVDs, and, for creating your own playlists for projections? I just want something easy and simple to use...don't need/want a lot of bells and whistles. Thx.
  4. Making Halloween Projection Videos

    General Halloween
    Greetings Everyone, I was wondering if anyone here who has made their own Halloween projection videos would be kind enough to share what programs work the best to make them, I have been researching on the internet and it is hard to determine which programs will work the best & will have the...