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  1. Long time lurker first time poster

    Member Introduction
    So, I've been lurking and stalking around this site for years, cultivating creative juices and such (SERIOUSLY CLEVER AND BRILLIANT STUFF 'ROUND HERE). I guess I just never mustered up the courage to officially join you masters of the craft. THANKS ANXIETY! Ha ha blood, guts, gore. Phobias...
  2. Halloween in Summer Festival

    General Halloween
    Special shout to any Utah haunters the Halloween in Summer Festival is going on tonight/tomorrow. I'll be back with pics of this years' event later. http://halloweeninsummerfestival.com/index.php Last year:
  3. Dark Moon Rising?

    Member Introduction
    Hi all! I've been enjoying learning so much from so many talented people here on the forum! Thank you! Finally got an account! Neighbors call our home the Holiday House, or the Festive House because we have holiday displays year-round. Halloween (of course) is the big one, followed closely by...
  4. School project, can we make this a halloween tour?

    General Halloween
    Talia brought home a little homework project. silly little story, but it pretty much boils down to a kind of chain letter idea. She made a self portrait we are supposed to mail around, the recipient is supposed to send a postcard back, and maybe a pic with the portrait 'doing something fun'...
  5. Raven Manor 2011

    General Halloween
    Hello all, I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween. I lurk around here a lot but we had a great Halloween this year and wanted to share. We added some new things to Raven Manor this year too. Our animated grave slab is patterned after the Hallowed Haunting Grounds. There is also a...
  6. Zombie 5k in Salt lake city UT

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    For those of you near Salt lake city....Sign up for the zombie 5k. You can be human or zombie. Humans get a 2 min head start. Its gonna be awesome! http://www.undeadrace.com