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  1. Halloween Props
    Haunted tree reveal!:D I was cutting it short close on my tree! I was literally finishing the touch ups right as my husband was putting it together yesterday! Even though I did not get a chance to paint it, it still looks great! I got so many compliments on my tree and people couldn’t believe I...
  2. Halloween Props
    I'm in need of a smaller lightning machine and the Perfect Storm 2.0 (with audio input) seems like the one to get. I have an IZombie unit that I run for the outside lightning and thunder, but I'm going to have lightning in the mad lab and it's too far to tie into the IZombie unit. They have one...
  3. Halloween Props
    hello julian here and ive been making props for the last 2 years love Halloween im a Chevrolet technician and have a pretty good grasp of dc voltage and pretty much the flow of energy I am here cause I know animatronics is a new ball park I was wondering if anyone knows of a good book or vid on...
  4. Halloween Props
    Just saw this and had to share. Magician stationed between a black curtain background and a scrim curtain with a spot light shining down on him.. so cool! You can see the curtain on close ups (47 seconds and again when fireball leaves his hand and floats around ) but it is really well done...
  5. Halloween Props
    Started with a box of misc broken trophies from a Garage Sale $2.... Added a super hot glue gun, thrift & $1 store finds.... and here we are! A few close ups This one is a tea light holder Hope my guests enjoy them! Super excited! :D
  6. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    HI all! I have these Halloween items for sale...im in IN, so if local, send me a PM to come look at them. Otherwise price does not include shipping. I can get a shipping quote from UPS if needed. Thanks for looking Hell Hound $50.00 Burnt Bob $40.00 If local and want the toxic waste barrel...
  7. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone! I live in NC and work for the Town of Holly Springs, we have a haunted hayride coming up in the end of October. Anyone in the local area looking for a fun volunteer event to get involved with? I have plenty of costumes and fun masks to scare people with. I am making lots of...
  8. Halloween Props
    I thought it was about time I get started on a couple new props. So, I got the mechanical bugs worked out on this one and it sure looks like he's doing push ups. Close to what I was going for, I'll post another video when finished.
  9. General Halloween
    watching and waiting and still no .... sign ups. not even a thread waiting for sign ups. i can fix that. ;) Have a whole big house and back yard to do this season! Let's kill some time and dust off flying monkeys while waiting for sign ups!!!
1-9 of 9 Results