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  1. Can't upload or attach pics

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Can't upload or attach pics when using chrome.
  2. Static: Some of my larger animated props from unit 70 and Nevermore Productions.

    Halloween Props
    Here is a couple of pics of some of my large animated props. I do have some electronic and static props as well, which I'll upload in a few.
  3. Uploading pics to HF albums

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Hello. Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of images you can upload to your albums? I have been trying to upload more pics, but they won't attach. It let me upload quite a few, then stopped taking more. Thanks in advance. PS- I accidentally posted this in the wrong part of the...
  4. My Halloween Stalkaround 2018

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    This is my first attempt at posting photos here. This is my stalkaround costume for 2018. I’ll attempt to upload more photos if this works!
  5. Can't get access to the album photo I just added

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I added a new photo to my 2018 album (a skeleton monkey). Everything was normal during the upload process. However later when I went to go to open the Halloween Store Items - 2018 album to select the new photo's BB Code, the board software messed up. I can select older uploaded images just fine...
  6. can not up load pics

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I was trying to create an album for my Secret Reaper gifts but when I select the pic I want then click upload nothing happens
  7. trying to upload pics

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I use to be able to upload pics with no problem. Now when i try it says that my file size is too large and that i have to manually resize it. Help please
  8. Crate and Barrel Halloween 2017

    General Halloween
    It is due in August and I will upload pics when they arrive at our store.
  9. Pictures in Photo Albums

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Earlier this week, when I looked at my photo albums, three were fine but in the other three the pictures were enlarged and distorted. Today when I looked, all the albums are in a funk and so am I. :( Do you know what has happened and how I can fix this? I view the forum from a desktop...
  10. Static: gothic window with ghosly apparitons

    Halloween Props
    sorry if this is already posted but I could not find it, here is my gothic windows with ghostly apparitions playing behind it do you think I should remove the kaleidoscope light here's the link as I can not seem to get it to upload on here tried everything my files are always to large to...
  11. Scary Sounds by the Paper Magic Group?

    Halloween Music
    Does anyone have the 16 pieces of music from the Paper Magic Group's Scary Sounds CD that you could either upload on here or give me a downloadable link?
  12. HF not resizing images for upload?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Anyone else receiving an error with image size during uploads? I'm trying to update my posts and have been using the same mobile images as before, however, I'm now receiving an error that the images are unable to be resized and that I'll have to do it manually. I post to multiple forums and...
  13. How the heck do you upload pics into an album on here!!??

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I got one pic to upload and can't get anymore. It used to be easy to do. Getting frustrated.
  14. Spirit smoking deal

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    I just got compost corpse for $70 (30% off plus 20% off coupon) and the rapture for $32 ($40 plus 20% off) I will upload pictures soon as I get home :D
  15. Professional Amusement Park Halloween Show Costumes

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    This may give you some costume and maybe makeup ideas. One of the guys in the shows designs some of them. Some simple makeup idea also. The performers do their own makeup most of the time. I tape it at Cedar Point's HalloWeekends event like a lot of the videos I've uploaded this Halloween...
  16. picture/album upload

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hi! This may be a dumb question but I've tried multiple times to upload pictures and even create an album of my 2015 carnevil progress and everytime it says the photos are too large. I'm doing it from my phone so I wouldn't think there would be a size issue. Do I need to do it from a computer...
  17. 2014 Dark Cult Halloween Party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    2014 Dark Cultist Halloween Party Theme: Dark Cultists invade a house to begin their summoning rituals 1st floor: Crude dining and alchemy, tributes given by initiates to the God of Death 2nd floor: Summoning of the God of Death, torture of the doubtful, dark sacrafice Outside: Bones of...
  18. Uploading Photos for New Members (with screenshots)

    Off-Topic Stuff
    In case anyone is having issues uploading photos. It can be really easy and quick. Try it before reading this. But if you get stuck, this might help. Here is a tutorial on how create an album and upload your photos. Screenshots may vary a bit from your screen. It's not super-complicated, but...
  19. How to Upload Photos

    Ok, I know a number of folks have had problems uploading photos to the forums - it's not super obvious and when I've been up all night carving foam and inhaling paint fumes, I can still get a little confused. So here's a basic tutorial on how create an album and upload your photos. Screenshots...
  20. What's going on with Utube?

    General Halloween
    Is it just me or is anyone else have problems uploading video's on Utube. I shot some video of my Lizzy Borden tombstone wanted to update my thread but have been unsuccessful. I click upload it brings me to another screen I click browse to search my computer for my file and it just sits there...