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  1. Halloween TV & Movies 2019

    General Halloween
    Just came across the first promo for the upcoming season of American Horror Story, titled American Horror Story: 1984. It will be themed after 80s slasher movies.
  2. Searching for FCG rigs ....

    Wanted to Buy
    In need of 4 flying crank ghost rigs for an upcoming Zombie Prom setting .... no ghosts needed, just the rigging. Anyone have an in on them? Thank you in advance .....
  3. Who's been out to the Spirit clearance sale?

    General Halloween
    I had a chance to drive by our local Spirit store at 8:30 this morning, and to my surprise, it was open! There were two other shoppers in with me, and I picked up three items: Fogging skull pile, a "new and improved" leaning tombstone, and a ranger's hat (which I actually need for an upcoming...
  4. Introducing myself

    Member Introduction
    Hi guys, I'm new here and excited for the upcoming Halloween 2017 :D
  5. Best Spooky Concert Experience?

    General Halloween
    I love going to concerts (mostly rock/metal concerts). The most recent being Ghost from Sweden. If you haven't heard of them do so! They're amazing! My question is have you been to a concert that has evoked the Halloween spirit? Maybe it was one song or the whole concert experience. I can...
  6. Looking for Groucho type haunted humor

    Haunted Humor
    Look for Groucho Marks type Halloween jokes for an upcoming show. Anyone know of any?
  7. A Short Halloween Video

    General Halloween
    I made this for the upcoming holiday. I hope you enjoy it :)
  8. Which off season month hits your Halloween heart the hardest?

    General Halloween
    So, we all go through withdrawals during November, and surrender to the warm fuzzies of December, but by which month after that are you kicking it hard to get your way with the upcoming Halloween season? I'm usually dormant 'till about May (excluding the need for 'Scary Movie Saturdays' and...