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  1. General Halloween
    I bet you were expecting some nice grotesque photos of bloody fingers. Nope, these are photos of Xylaria Polymorpha Fungus also known as Dead Man's Fingers. I know what I'm planting in my garden this Fall: These look like Dead Man Toes...
  2. General Halloween
    So, candy is the obvious favorite for handing out at Halloween, but I know of an online magic shop with decent prices on all those cheesy gags and jokes from when I was little. Thus, along with candy, we also give out crap like trick squirt lighters; Chinese finger traps; the trusty...
  3. Member Introduction
    Hello, Found this site doing a search for a Halloween Forum. Love decorating though I've scaled it down to a more simple decor. Decorated many years with vintage and collectible items. I did the Halloween village, Telco Motionettes, etc. Love the hunt for those unusual items to decorate with...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi guys! I came across some pictures of an unusual version of the Gemmy Treater Greeter Witch sold in 2009 at Michaels. The one on the box is the normal one and the one with the gold belt and green bag is the unusual one. Have you ever seen it before? Is she rare? :)
  5. General Halloween
    That you have ever seen in a Haunted house? (If YOU haven't seen it, it doesn't "Count"! Eye witnesses only!) Why did I bring this up? I had a man return to see the house and he mentioned something I used to have here, (Yes. I believe it to have been a very unusual thing to have in an actual...
  6. Member Introduction
    My name is mcathi-I am an artist and most of it leans to the dark and weird side.I paint on buoys (half the time) which makes my art"different" This buoy is titled The Horror Of Spandex.The bulldog is named Rosebud.I do full size-5-6 feet tall assemblages using buoy heads as well, and usually a...
1-6 of 6 Results