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  1. Electronic/Software: How to loop an Aurduino Uno?

    Halloween Props
    Is there a way to have an Uno run in a loop by jumping 2 connections, not by code, much the same way you can with a Picoboo? I'm wanting to run it with relays connected without a PIR and have the sequence run over and over? So basically when power is applied to the UNO it's starts playing the...
  2. Electronic/Software: Ardurino queston

    Halloween Props
    Hey all. Trying my hand at DIY props this year. Looking to go Ardurino over Pico as it seems to be less expensive. So, sorry if my question is too vague or open ended. Basically I'm doing an human interactive electric chair with electric sander, vibrating motors, flash cracker and routed fog...
  3. Prop Showcase: Monster in a box

    Halloween Props
    Here is my take on the monster in a box. The box use to be a bedroom 3 draw chest. Completely self contained. Controlled by a Four banger setup, powered by a 12v battery and a 9v for the Uno R3. Actuator is surprisingly powerful for it's size and price (£1.85)...
  4. Pneumatic: My Monster in a box

    Halloween Props
    Got my monster in a box operational today! I still have to tweak the timing a bit and add a few little cosmetic details but I thought i'd share it. It's all ran by an Arduino uno, two cylinders and two solenoids. I've got a small PIR sensor to trigger it all and then it runs for 30...
  5. Electronic/Software: fourbanger prop controller help

    Halloween Props
    Hey all! So I am trying my hand at a 4 channel prop controller. (completely new territory for me!) Running into a triggering problem. I using the fourbanger.com setup. Got all the parts and thought I was ready to roll, but alas I have an issue. It doesn't trigger props...kinda a deal...
  6. Halloween Twist on Children's Games

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    This year, we'll be hosting a Halloween party to lots of grade school kids, and I'm looking to build Halloween versions of established kids games. I'm starting early with the thinking cap and could use your input. Here's some thoughts so far — 1) Witch Brew Uno: For those unfamiliar, Uno is a...