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  1. Electronic/Software: brightsign player questions

    Halloween Props
    hello all, first I want to offer thanks to this forum for being a great place to share information and ideas. although I have not posted much I certainly have benefitted from the knowledge base this forum represents. that being said I am hoping the vast knowledge available here can answer my...
  2. Static: Alien containment unit

    Halloween Props
    Working on a couple of alien containment units for our haunted house. I'm not sure if I like the black paint though. I am debating if I should maybe repaint it gray instead?
  3. Electronic/Software: FLEX ECT prop controller PIR issue

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I am having an issue with my Hauntmaster Flex Ect and it's PIR trigger. Apparently the PIR has gone bad. There must be some additional circuitry involved because a straight replacement PIR doesn't close the circuit and trugger the controller. After doing some research, Most PIR's...
  4. Mechanical: Haunted hedge motor

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, My last project for this year is to make a haunted hedge and I just need some advice on the type of motor to use. I'm fine with making the motor off-centre etc, I just don't know RPM, torque etc it'll need so it doesn't cark after a few uses. Can anyone with one of the...
  5. Lighting: Ravens Grin outside lighting+

    Halloween Props
    Today I installed my fifth solar lighting unit for the exterior of the house. They are die cast aluminum spot lights,3 to a package with the solar collector. They are made with cast aluminum mounting stakes ,which i usually modify because I am not sticking them into the ground, I am mounting...
  6. Help Please - Recommendations For singing pumpkins projectors

    Halloween Props
    I am looking to add the Singing Pumpkins to my yard haunt this year. With all the younger TOT'er's I think they will get a kick out it. I have been searching the forum and reading all the different posts about the projectors. Since the Singing Pumpkins is not needing to be Cinema Quality, I am...
  7. Laser Vortex Unit Fully Powered 110vAC Green, Red, or Blue/Purple

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hey everyone, I've got 30 laser vortex units on hand. Green, Red or Blue/Purple units available! They are fully powered by 110vAC, no batteries! You can find me on eBay as well: http://www.ebay.com/itm/111563202128?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Check out the feedback...
  8. Electronic/Software: Has anyone ever used one of these Wheelock units for a prop?

    Halloween Props
    I was at the local Habitat restore the other day and saw 5 of these Wheelock ADA fire alarm units. They're rated 8 to 33 VDC (I have lot's of batteries 8^) and they have both audio and lamp connections. I was hoping I could make them into lightning/thunder units but haven't had time to play...
  9. Other: Inexpensive model of video transmitter to send video to a remote projector(s)?

    Halloween Props
    Sorry if I've asked this elsewhere. Couldn't locate where I did if I have. Looking for recommendations for inexpensive wireless video transmitter units. Inexpensive here being, say, around $60 or less, preferably. And something that is radio based, not line-of-sight. I see that most of the...