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  1. Unit 70 ratzilla prop for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Changing themes.... Selling a unit 70 ratzilla prop. Pneumatic actuated neck, head, jaw, and fwd movement. Pre program on movements and sound. Comes with step mat, ready to go, hook up air, plug in, ready to go. Awesome prop and quality from unit 70. Excellent condition, creepy looking, so real...
  2. Pneumatic: Unit 70 Krampus animatronic arrived!!!

    Halloween Props
    Just got home his in yesterday from Unit 70 Studios. This prop is massive, insanely detailed and AWESOME. Thanks to Hillie, Bo and the rest of the staff at Unit 70 for getting this to me on time and in pristine condition.
  3. Pneumatic: Unit 70 Studios animated Crawler

    Halloween Props
    I got this bad boy from Unit 70 Studios for our yard haunt last year "Sector 767" it stands 10 feet tall and weighs around 275 lbs more or less. Unit 70 creates some awesome props and Hillie and Bo are awesome to deal with. I'm gonna get something a bit bigger from them for our theme this year!
  4. Static Props unit 70 and other

    I still have hanging tortured, impaled custom prop from Cannibal holocaust, autopsy man, and a few non unit 70 props a full sized female corpse in a viewing metal casket on a casket stand. A male zombie full sized and lots of other goodies. Side show gaffs ie monkey paw, shrunken head, merman...