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  1. Halloween Crafts
    I made this cool looking Resident evil employee starter Board.
  2. Halloween Props
    I had a lot of fun projecting a variety of eyeballs onto a scrim in the 2nd story window of my garage, keeping a flickering led bulb on to let people see the rafters in the garage really solidified the "hologram" effect. But then I had a brain fart to try and project onto a 3d surface like a...
  3. Halloween Props
    You guessed it, zombies. I enjoy building decent sized props and adult parties and this year it's going to be a mash-up of Resident Evil and The Walking Dead. For this year, props will include: Front yard: 1. Crashed truck onto the front lawn, killing a zombie with dead driver. (red random...
  4. General Halloween
    Last night we were very busy at the house (Ravens Grin Inn) So morning came too early for me to get my planned display items situated for use in the Jeep at a parade 18 miles away, and besides that there was only rain and more rain in the forecast. I was going to fold down the convertible roof...
1-5 of 5 Results