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  1. Ads interrupting my posts

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Dear Admins, it was my understanding that as long as we were logged in with our user names and passwords, that we wouldn't be bothered with the "auto-start" ads that have been placed on the site. I'm continuing to have issues with the ads auto-playing while I'm logged on. It happened yesterday...
  2. THE Most Pathetic Attempt

    General Halloween
    I ever was a witness to, to achieve a free admission to my Haunted House, happened several years ago now, but I just had to tell about it again, because it was So Stupid! Two wagons of Campers from 2 miles away arrived late in the afternoon, we had been busy, it was "The Fall". There might have...
  3. A lame Halloween Poem

    General Halloween
    Twas the night before Halloween And all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a louse My wife fast asleep by me in the bed mumbling sounds like "mmphf", and "ho-hum" I couldn't catch any Z's So I hit the forum I posted some pictures and read some new threads my eyes...