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  1. Candy factory theme help

    General Halloween
    I’m thinking of doing a twisted candy factory haunt. Does anyone have ideas for the different rooms? I don’t want it to be a Wonka factory though.
  2. Prop Showcase: It has begun…

    Halloween Props
    As ancient words are whispered the ground begins to moan. Through ripped and torn soil emerges flesh and bone.
  3. Fate Cards Please

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I need a template for "fate cards" for the tempt your fate game. Can somebody point me in the right direction? I have done multiple searches for "fate card" but cant seem to find anything. i did see a pdf once of the fate cards but I can't find it now. My theme is Twisted Fairytales this...
  4. Distorted Nightmares: CarnEVIL 2019

    General Halloween
    I'm starting concepts for this years Halloween and going with a twisted carnival theme. I will be posting more soon.
  5. MY costume and my hubbies

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    We did a Carnevil theme. I was the twisted ring leader. He was my creepy clown! The dark black light photos are from our party on Saturday. And the well lit one is from today at work!
  6. Static: 2016 War of the Worlds display started

    Halloween Props
    Wanted to do something a little different this year. I build everything from scratch from donated scrap materials. So far I have $10 into the 2x4's (all twisted) and the rest of the lumber has been begged or borrowed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8Z4k2EbCAI...
  7. Ravenoake Chair

    General Halloween
    Hello everyone. I just got the opportunity to do something really cool for the local Habitat for Humanity; donate a decorated chair for an auction called chairs for charity. Not knowing what to expect, I went mild and did a Florida theme chair that went well. I really had fun at the auction ans...
  8. Help with a Twisted Fairy Tales invitation?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So, I am doing the Twisted Fairy Tales theme this year! I have so many ideas from this forum, so thanks! I thought I would bake gingerbread cookies but make them missing limbs and zombied up a little. The problem is that I am not so creative on the "word" part. I would love to do a little poem...
  9. Lighting: CarnEvil Marquee (Eye Candy)

    Halloween Props
    CarnEvil Clown Marquee (Eye Candy) A compliment for my Twisted Circus Marquee. This will hang directly under that marquee.
  10. Static: Any Ideas

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, a buddy of mine that is always looking for prop material found this gem, I have a few ideas but I am always looking for more twisted ideas. I am into the gory side of props. Thanks.
  11. Fairy Tales with a twist

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am looking for some pic help with costumes for my Twisted Fairy Tale party. The basic idea is you take your fave Fairy Tale character but they are a criminal, Steampunk, evil, BAMF, zombie, vampire, ect.... I would love to dress as Ursula but I am not sure on what twist to give her. I also...
  12. Halloween 2015 - Theme help

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I want to do a fairy tale theme this year with a twist... so imagine your fave characters as BAMF's, zombies, evil, steampunk, ect... How would I word the invite? How could I decorate? Any and all ideas, suggestions, advice are more than welcome :D My family thinks I am a little nuts...
  13. Support My First Horror Short: "Business Party"

    Horror Discussion
    --------- A young businessman has just landed a perfect job. His strange, new boss instantly invites him to a business party for new employees at his estate, which hides a twisted secret. Please click here to visit the official Facebook and Like the page! --------- I am currently working...
  14. Christmas at Halloween

    General Halloween
    Has anyone done a twisted or haunted Christmas scene before and what were some of the things that you made or used.
  15. Papercraft Advice on paper mache technique

    Halloween Crafts
    Hello all, Time is getting short for projects, and I just wanted to reach out and ask if anyone had infomation or link to anyone who uses paper mache paste with rolled & twisted newspaper to create props? I'm having difficulty getting my twisted newspaper pieces to keep their shape. :D Thanks :)