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  1. Halloween Tree Toppers: ideas please??

    General Halloween
    Hello one and all. For those of you who have black trees and those of you who are just plain creative,,,,,,,,, please share your ideas for a great tree topper for my Halloween Tree. I just put it up and will start the days long task of stringing up the lights and hanging the ornaments. I have a...
  2. Pumpkin Man

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So this year's costume is a little different from my usual fare. I usually detest store-bought costumes and masks, but last year, I picked up this beauty on 70% clearance. Couldn't resist. So, I've gotten some sweats, and dyed the top greenish-grey and the bottoms brownish-grey. To that I'm...
  3. Other Eerie Primitive Wreath

    Halloween Crafts
    This is our latest Halloween wreath we will be hanging over our fireplace during the month of October. This one took some work and a lot of time and patience. It needed to look bare and dead without putting too much clutter, making the wreath appear very busy. I was trying to achieve a minimal...