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  1. Hello! Thanks for adding me!!!!

    Member Introduction
    Thanks for adding me! I'm turning my 100 acres of land into a haunted hayride and haunted hike for all my nieces and nephews and their friends.....I can't wait to see what good ideas y'all have!
  2. Static: Lighting a BUNCH of pumpkins?

    Halloween Props
    I want to put about 20 carved foam pumpkins on the stairs in front of our house but I don't want to mess with turning on and off those little battery powered puck lights in each and every one every night for a month. In the past, I've put a string of tiny orange lights in a mason jar inside each...
  3. Mechanical: Hagetha is ALIVE!!!

    Halloween Props
    Been thinking about animating the corpse in our coffin for a while with some head turning action, but as I got into it I found the logistics to be a little more complicated than I want to get into right now. Instead I switched to my backup plan and animated our witch Hagetha instead. Nothing...
  4. pic question

    Site Issues and Feedback
    When uploading pics, how do you keep the pics from turning sideways and/or upside down? Thanks in advance
  5. Static: Witches hut nearly done.

    Halloween Props
    My 11ft high witches hut just needs a few more finishing touches and its adornments adding. It's great turning junk wood back into something useable again. :D
  6. The 80s Halloween/Horror

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    The hubby wants me to take a break this year, but it doesn't mean I can't brainstorm now for next year. I'm pretty sure I want to do an 80s party. Kind of a mash up 80s horror and pop culture. Does anyone have 80s horror Halloween pics or ideas to share? You'll help me get my creativity...
  7. Electronic/Software: Candle Timer Hack Needed

    Halloween Props
    So I bought some LED candles with timers to replace the ones I made with pvc and tea lights (they are lovely by the way!) I am so damn tired of going outside and turning on and off 20 tea lights. But unfortunately the new candles with timers only stay lit for for 4 hours. Turning them on at 6...
  8. Mechanical: Compact Prop Turning Mechanism

    Halloween Props
    This is a self contained compact turning mechanism based off of our Watchman mechanism. It uses a 6 RPM deer style 110 VAC gear motor. I designed all of the parts and had them cut out of 1/16" aluminum. Overall it is 4x8 inches. This is an alternative method for turning props like a leering...
  9. Looped music for graveyard?

    Halloween Music
    Where can I find a CD that will continuously play so that I don't have to keep turning my spooky music back on?
  10. Saw

    Horror Discussion
    Wonder if there's any fans of the Saw saga here. I know it has a lot of haters but it's a series I love and have been a fan of since almost the beginning. I think it gets a lot of unjust hate. The concept for the time was something fresh and creative, and the sequels did a nice job of expanding...
  11. Mechanical: Spirit's "Bleeding Lady Bust"...where did they get that voice?

    Halloween Props
    Good looking prop, heavy, substantial, very nice lip syncing with the audio. But... where did they find the voice actor? One of the phrases is "Why? Why? Why is this happening to me?" My guess is whomever hexed her heard that whining, grating voice and thought turning her to stone was the only...
  12. Spirit Cat Turning Head Prop(NOT the inflatable)

    General Halloween
    Forgive me for not posting in a Spirit thread, I've searched 8 pages for one. Has anyone here purchased or seen this prop in action? I have looked all over the web for a video, nor did Spirit offer one on this particular prop. All it says is that it is plastic and has sound with a turning...