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  1. General Halloween
    Hey everyone, So I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but hey, that appears to be how I do things! We have a big set up this year with a massive yard haunt with a( blood fountain, spider zone, graveyard, tunnel made from 'skin', and various spots for scaring throughout,), a witches...
  2. Member Introduction
    Hi Halloween fans! I am excited to be hosting a Haunted House this Halloween. We will have a Spider Web Tunnel, Witch and Cauldron, Graveyard, Pirate Ship, Mad Scientists laboratory, Ghostly Dining Room and Haunted Living Room. We will also have a PG Haunted Walkway for the young ones. Happy...
  3. General Halloween
    Things are starting to ramp up. As some of you know, I maintain a pumpkin patch in my backyard. This year I am really emphasizing my pumpkin display near my front door. I pretty much have my pumpkins set-up, now I just need to scary it up a little with lights and spiders. My goal is to get this...
  4. Halloween Props
    Looking for new ideas for construction of black light tunnel.
  5. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling the Junipero Haunting 20' Vortex Tunnel. Includes: (3) 12' metal rings (broken down in three sections each for ease of transport), wooden bridge, hand rails, entrance steps, handicapped exit ramp, 16' painted facade of Pennywise the Clown (from Stephen King's "It"), black fabric tunnel...
  6. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Save BIG BEFORE TransWorld! Haunt Closing Liquidation GEP STANDARD VORTEX TUNNEL WITH UPGRADES The Standard Vortex Tunnel is constructed of 5 high grade aluminum rings that are 9 feet in diameter. For safety, the aluminum rings are lined with a flame-retardant fabric. The overall length of...
  7. Halloween Props
    Okay, I have a hallway in my maze that I want to use as a vortex tunnel. How do I pump fog into the hallway? I am having a mental road block. I have this fear of someone burning their ankle as they walk by the output.
  8. Halloween Props
    I am building a cemetery walkthrough and a portion of it will be a spider tunnel. I want to have something dangling in the middle of the path that people have to push through that simulates lots of webs in their face. What is a good material that would look somewhat realistic yet have the...
  9. Halloween Props
    What do people use for their lasers? I made a tunnel last year and used some crappy battery powered pointers, but we had to constantly switch them out because they would dim. Is there something out there that will run off an outlet, and will run for several hours without crapping out?
  10. Halloween Props
    So, I am getting a very late start this year. Ours is a small haunt for one night only. Actually it is not that small, but for one night only. We setup on a hiking trail at a local campground, so it is about 1/4 mile long through the woods. We try to stay within one theme, instead of...
  11. Halloween Props
    I'm planning on having a vortex tunnel in this years haunted walk, and I've seen people who have had some luck using projectors. I happen to have a 2800 lumens projector kicking around, and thought I'd give it a shot before trying to figure out how to get one going with a laser. I whipped up...
  12. Halloween Props
    Haven't been following new halloweeen lighting products from Gemmy this year--typically like getting the scoop on these things. :-) But saw via a Spirit Hallowen email that there's a new product out called the Gemmy Lightshow Projection Time Tunnel. 1) Anyone here have it? If so, what do you...
  13. Halloween Props
    We built a vortex tunnel about 6 years ago using aluminum channels as cross braces between the spinning rings. They worked great since they were lightweight and easy to attach to our metal rings, but after years of assembly/disassembly, they've become warped and bent to the point we can no...
  14. General Halloween
    Here is a daytime video of our haunt from last year. The dark section after the tunnel is a hall with 1/2 inch foam pipe insulation hanging down from the ceiling.
  15. Halloween Props
    Here is the Led Vortex Tunnel I built for 2015. It is made using 1500 smart Led pixels (WS2811) and a T-8000 controller. The idea was to create an electronic version of the classic rotating tunnel. It worked pretty good and made a lot of people dizzy! The walkway is a 15 foot long ramp with...
  16. Halloween Props
    Shadowfang Keep Claustrophobia Tunnel. Made a 16ft long One-eyed One-horned Flying Purple People Eater claustrophobia tunnel. Many kids were digested Halloween Night!
  17. Wanted to Buy
    I'm looking for that lazer tunnel effect but can't seem to search the correct key words on ebay. Any suggestions?
  18. Halloween Props
    Need suggestions for lighting a 28' tunnel/maze. Framework made from PVC pipe, sides will be either white or black sheets. Do rope lights work well? Don't want a lot of light, maybe something that flashes or even strobes. Just enough to see and disorient victims Oops! I mean visitors. Of...
  19. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    We built this tunnel out of PVC and plastic sheeting last year. I just finally got around to finishing the video for it. What do you guys think?
  20. Halloween Props
    In response to a member request on clown projections for their haunt, I was thinking that maybe the reason Carnival projections are so hard to find is because in part people out there aren't sure what exactly we would like to see. Certainly clowns props, costumes, and carnival set ups are...
1-20 of 30 Results