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  1. Halloween Props
    Hey guys hows everyone? Cool forum, I've been doing the haunted house thing on off sense I was a kid in the 70s. We had a high school in my part of town that did one every year in their gym. So I grew up with them. Now my son works at them at Halloween. But the reason I'm here is I've been...
  2. Halloween Props
    I made my skull towers out of sonic tubes , it has rained non stop Lately . My tubes are soggy I don’t have time or money to make make new ones..will they dry out ? I put them in the garage, will that help ?
  3. Wanted to Buy
    I think it's 4 plasma tubes with some meters.
  4. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have the following supplies that I used this last year for a lab set and am not interested in storing them. Would like to get $60 + shipping - I spent over $150 for it 3x1000ml beakers 4x800ml beakers 2x500ml beakers 4x250ml beakers 2x100ml beakers with triangle tops 2 x100ml beakers 10x50ml...
  5. Halloween Props
    How would I go about covering my entire 2.5 acre lot with fog? Will fog travel through PVC tubes without losing the fog effect, or does it become water inside of a tube at some point?
  6. Halloween Props
    I have been getting inspired aka stealing ideas from the forums for awhile now and though I should share my new props for 2016. I am making 2 haunted trees for the graveyard this year to add some height. I made them out of concrete tubes from the big box hardware store. I had to use 2 four foot...
  7. Halloween Props
    My kids have been wanting me to do a Pennywise for a long time, and this year I got around to making one. We used the commercial mask and costume, and I'm going to replace the head next year. The biggest problem we had was the dang balloons! I had to drive all over Orange Park to find some, and...
  8. General Halloween
    We all always need "one more skeleton" or other item...but is there something you have too many or too much of? Something that you've picked up over the years and just never get around to using. I'll go first. Black lights and foggers. I find them at yard or thrift sales and just can't let them...
  9. Member Introduction
    Hello My name is cycy76 I live in France or halloween is not as important as you, this does not prevent me to celebrate it with my family. I discovered this forum that I hope bring me full board my first project would be to not automate a mannequin with pvc tubes I hope to have lots of advice...
  10. Halloween Props
    Here are some quick dock pillars I made from some cardboard tubes I got from work.
1-10 of 10 Results