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  1. Mostly homemade Sam

    Halloween Props
    One of the new props for the display in 2019. This is a home build I started a few years ago, but never got around to finishing because I couldn't get the head or hands right. I thought I'd never finish it, but Spirit helped by issuing they're hanging Sam, so I cut his head off his armature, and...
  2. Sam from Trick r Treat

    Halloween Props
    Hey all. I've been searching for some information, and need some help. I've been gathering the supplies to create Sam from Trick r Treat. :mad: I've acquired the Sam mask, burlap sacks/material, an orange child's onesie, etc. The part I'm struggling with is the approximate height that I should...
  3. Electronic/Software: Need Advice for Neck Movement

    Halloween Props
    Greetings, For my latest prop, I want to make toddler-sized version of Sam from Trick 'r Treat. I want him to be sitting on a mini park bench, looking in his treat bag. His head will turn to the side to stare at the TOTs via a servo and controller. Using a 1" pvc skeleton along with some Spider...
  4. Sam from Trick 'r Treat - as a pumpkin

    General Halloween
    In celebration of "Halfway to Halloween" I thought I would share this with you. This thread also serves as a sort of memorial service for a six-month-old pumpkin who will very soon be thrown out. In October 2010 I was asked to enter a pumpkin decorating contest, and I gladly accepted the...
  5. Static: Trick or Treat Sam

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone made Sam? I watched the movie Sunday(don't know how I missed this one) but he is soo cute and adorable. I have 2 of these soft children mannequins that are 3 feet tall (mind have heads ) and they would be perfect. It would be easy to recreate with orange pjs and the burlap. The...
  6. Help on Sam from Trick r Treat!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey guys. I'm trying to narrow down my choices for this year. I feel I'm a bit late in really thinking about Halloween, as I usually start thinking about it on November 1st, heh. Anyway, I'm 23 and a girl. But I'm thinking of being Sam (little killer guy) from the film Trick r Treat. However, I...
  7. Static: Making of Sam

    Halloween Props
    Some people asked me to show how I constructed Sam, so here you go.
  8. Static: Sam

    Halloween Props
    Here is my completed Sam prop. YouTube - Sam prop - Trick 'r Treat