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  1. 800-900 Trick or Treaters

    General Halloween
    We do a small haunt in our yard and garage each year. The number of Trick or Treaters continues to rise each year along with the cost of candy. Last year we had well over 800. Last year we gave out 5 pcs of candy along with a 6" glow stick. We were lucky to find the glow sticks on clearance last...
  2. Halloween Scavenger Hunt Packet and Halloween Costume Bingo just added!

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    Scavenger Hunt Guru is pleased to announce the addition of some fun Halloween printables - just in time for your spooky festivities. Check out our new "Halloween Scavenger Hunt Packet" and our "Halloween Costume Bingo" game - right at the top of our Printable Scavenger Hunt Packets. These...
  3. The Wicked West Ghost Town Of Jose Ramona Ave.

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Well we are done with the external section of this years extreme yard haunt. "The Wicked West Ghost Town" Here are some compleated project photos. http://picasaweb.google.com/wickedwestghosttown/2010WickedWestGhostTownCompleated?authkey=Gv1sRgCPHY-qvcqs7-Fw&feat=directlink Here is this...
  4. The Legend of the Rosa Witch

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    In the early 1800s, William Wolcott moved his family from North Carolina to California, the area we now know as Sonoma County. They settled in the small town of Jose Ramon, which later became Santa Rosa. Wolcott purchased some land and a small hotel his family soon called home. The Wolcott's had...
  5. Cams on Halloween or at your event??

    General Halloween
    Just wondering if anyone has ever set up a cam for their Halloween event,haunt or party or just the trick-or-treaters that come and go? I was thinking about doing it this Halloween but not sure what I need for software. Any ideas suggestions?
  6. I need halloween creativity help!!!

    General Halloween
    :D thank you for viewing Well im being a fortune teller like a palm reader and reading kids palms and doing tarot cards. Soo yea ive already learned how But i need ideas for a table-like thing and ideas for getting kids to actually do it lol ive told the kids at the bus stop and they think...
  7. Deadly candy for Halloween 2008? Very serious!! Please watch!!

    General Halloween
    From Mike Mozart, Product Guru...146,000 views... This is the same tainted "powdered milk product" that made thousands of household pets last year sick and worse.......
  8. What times does your party start?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey. Me and a friend wanna' do some trick or treating before the party, 'cause it's tradition. The parties at hers, but we can't go do the trick or treating in her area but we can in mine. So, should we go really early (Say, 5-6pm or something?) But then.. when would the party start after? We're...