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  1. Tombstone Flipper, Spinner Follow-Up

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    In the summer I posted two proof-of-concept videos about pneumatic props that could switch back and forth between being Christmas or Halloween decorations. I wanted them for a "Christmas vs. Halloween" display during trick-or-treat. I thought I should show the end result--not great but...
  2. New User: Showers - Season's Greetings

    Member Introduction
    Greetings HalloweenForum.com Users and Staff, My name is Showers and I come before you, presumably at your favorite time of year! About me: California, US. When not working, I volunteer my time with one of the best film and costume prop makers in my area. I will make your mannequins blush...
  3. Witch better have my candy?

    General Halloween
    What is this?: I have seen this out for Halloween and a couple stores. I think it references a Rhianna song with the obvious "B" substitution. I might be a curmudgeon, but if someone said this to me on Halloween, they wouldn't be getting candy, maybe a rock. Heck, i am offended by the old...
  4. Putting the TRICK back in Trick-Or-Treat!

    General Halloween
    I want to play a few harmless tricks on my TOTs this year. Gotta earn that candy somehow ;) My house is going to be covered in spiderwebs so I'm thinking of hanging clear strings from the ceiling of my porch to brush against them. My other thought was a jumping or remote controlled spider to...
  5. No Yard, Have Driveway, Advice Please?

    General Halloween
    So, the long story short is that my boyfriend and I had to move in with his parents after our landlord unexpectedly sold our house out from underneath us. We're talking to a lawyer but that's not the point of this post. We're gonna be here for at least a few more months and my not mother-in-law...