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  1. Atmosphere Effects: Star Trek projections from AtmosFX

    Halloween Props
    Something new from AtmosFearFX. Star Trek Beam Me Up projections. If you are a Star Trek fan, resistance will be futile! Not sure how people would use this in a haunt but sure someone will find a way...maybe the Borg are trying to board and collect alien species? or maybe you're a Discovery fan...
  2. Star Trek Movie Uniform

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am a fat guy, and it's hard to come up with good Halloween costumes for someone my shape. This year my brother suggested a Star Trek movie uniform, as some of the cast members had put on some weight. I knew the Monster Maroon Uniform was beyond my skill level, but then Scotty's Costume from...
  3. Live long & prosper!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Sadly, there's already been a fitting tribute to Mr. Nimoy in Star Trek II yet it's very appropriate today with Mr. Nimoy's passing: I shared a birthday with the man, he was such a part of my childhood with reruns of Star Trek, Mission Impossible, & In Search Of which just fueled my...