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  1. Electronic/Software: Dead treadmill new life?

    Halloween Props
    Our treadmill died. It appears to have been the display or the board. I dismantled the machine and found two potentially useful motors. Since I do not know much about electronics I thought I would ask if these could be useful. The treadmill motor is 2.65 HP. I believe the yellow box on the board...
  2. Other: How to use treadmill motor?

    Halloween Props
    Ok, one more post tonight. I have a treadmill motor that I have had for a few years. I have had high hopes for it, but have never quite been able to get it to work like I want it to. What I have is the motor and the control panel. When I say control panel I mean the part of the treadmill...
  3. Mechanical: Treadmills?

    Halloween Props
    I was just brainstorming ideas for my haunt and I thought about something that could have potential. TREADMILLS! I already searched the forum and I didnt come up with much sooo......Does anyone have any ideas of how you could use a treadmill in a haunted house? And I know the possibilities...