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  1. Halloween Props
    I found this chest in neighbor's trash this morning, and I was wondering if my creature dude could be made to slowly come out of the chest as the lid opens? Creature is made of heavy foam and latex, and I'd have to shave a couple inches off the rear for him to fully fit. Even then, his head...
  2. Halloween Props
    This is my first pneumatic prop. Took quite a while to build but I think I nailed it. https://youtu.be/THqKUKv38cA
  3. Halloween Props
    I'm building a trash can trauma prop and want to weather the 31 gallon galvanized steel trash can, add some rust. I read somewhere that there is a youtube video on how to do this using muriatic acid. I can't seem to find that exact video. Anybody have tips on precisely what I need to do? (Do I...
  4. General Halloween
    Due to potential bad weather I decided to put my display in my garage this year. Weather turned out to be nice but I will still do the display in the garage in future years. All animatronics were built by me over the years. I have 9 total. Next year I will work on lighting and maybe some...
  5. Halloween Props
    I'm new to making custom props and am wondering just how much I should expect to spend for simple pop-up props, like trash can trauma or some other pop-up props complete with sound and lights. Is $100 per prop about right? Is arduino the way to go? Also, for air cylinders, do diy pvc cylinders...
  6. Halloween Props
    Check out my Trash Can Trauma I built for 2017 Halloween. I was having some fun with it and scared my moms cousin
  7. Halloween Props
    Hi Everyone, Just a heads up, I posted a video showing how I made my Trash Can Trauma. Hopefully it will be helpful to anyone wanting to build one. https://youtu.be/H3wGixk8tmI Thanks, :) Pat
  8. Halloween Props
    My first pneumatic is done! Complete with smoke and sound! I have 2 issues after tonight's run. 1) I need to fix the audio - the laughs are currently too far apart. 2) Too much smoke, I need to figure out how to calm that down - but right now am coming up blank. The fog in the video is from my...
1-8 of 8 Results