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  1. Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY SHOW – EPISODE 178 – ROAD TO TRANSWORLD Episode 178 February….a short, cold month, but thats ok, because it means Transworld is just around the corner. Our Roundtable of Terror is all about Transworld Vendors, as we have Creepy Collection, the wiley veteran, and first time vendors...
  2. Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY NEWS: Episode 145 features all the latest news, plus an interview with Jen Braverman of Transworld. It's the most dangerous 30 minutes in the haunt industry, don't miss it! www.bigscarynews.com #bigscaryshow #bigscarynews
  3. Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY SHOW - Episode 155 Well, Transworld 2018 is in the books, and Badger has brought us back some amazing coverage. we have interviews with Brain Child Creative, Wicked Amusements, CFX, Ticket Leap, Creative Visions, Scare Innovations, Darker Collection, Mel Products, Dead Farm...
  4. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Transworld's Haunt Show kicked off today, and for all of us that couldn't make it to the show, we wanted to let you know that DC Props has a brand new unique product line for the 2018 season. We worked extremely hard designing a product line that is not only unique, but also caters to all realms...
  5. TransWorld
    Hello! Like many I am curious about Transworld, but wouldn't want to go unless it was accommodating (or at least neutral) to home haunters. I wouldn't want to go and have every other booth look down at me as I wasn't a wholesale or professional haunt buyer. It seems I could get in, but I recall...
  6. Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY SHOW Episode 129 – Transworld Coverage and the End of an Era Transworld 2017 is in the books and man, was it a BIG one. Haunters the world over descended upon St. Louis last weekend for a chance to see and buy the latest and greatest for haunt season 2017. The Big Scary Show’s...
  7. TransWorld
    Here's a link to a video of Scare Products TransWorld H&AS booth, Please post links to other TransWorld H&AS pictures and videos. wbn
  8. Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY SHOW: – Episode 103 – Transworld Coverage Pt. 1 Wow, Transworld out did themselves again this year. The show floor was HUGE! we got so much coverage we had to split it into 2 shows. Badger and the Unknown Scare-Actor prowled the floor all weekend to get you the latest from...
  9. TransWorld
    Hello I've been attending the Transworld Haunt Show at St. Louis since 2013 and I've been wondering what the haunt show used to look like in it's early days during the 90s and early 2000s especially during 1995 when it first started? Do any pictures or videos exist during this time period or can...
  10. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    i have one transworld expo ticket cost 50.00 MAKE OFFER
  11. Blog
    Can't Make it to the Transworld Haunt Show this year? No problem, for a limited time, we are bringing the show to you with our exclusive prices which are BELOW WHOLESALE COST! These are the Lowest Prices You Will Ever See on these products. We have over 30 products listed with over 50% off...
  12. TransWorld
    I am travelling to Transworld for the first time this year and I was hoping for pointers on how to make the most of the trip. What are the must see events for the home haunter at the show. (This is not a charity haunt or a pro haunt. I just like to decorate the house.) How long do I need to...
  13. Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY SHOW Episode 101 The road to Transworld is getting shorter as we are now in March and in two weeks THE Tradeshow opens. The Roundtable of Terror features Transworld vendors, old and new, as the (g) hosts chat with Kevin Alvey of Gore Galore, Tater of Froggys Fog and Los and Jenny...
  14. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    who's going to the haunt show on march 17, 2016? what booth you are in?
  15. Announcements / Press Releases
    ***** Come and Get it! ***** HAUNTCAST: POST MORTEM – “Verbal Diarrhea” is now slaying! Download for FREE at http://hauntcast.net , iTunes or Stitcher. HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW: John Denley from Boneyard Productions BONE PHONE CALL: Jen Braverman from Transworld Haunt and Attraction Show MUSICAL...
  16. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone. Just a quick introduction. I am a first year haunter with a passion for the Halloween. I am a full time Firefighter and I own an amusement rental company on the side. I have owned my business since 2004 and love entertaining people. I was presented with the opportunity to...
  17. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Too late for this year, but who makes good quality costumes for adults? Looking for an online store or a vendor at TransWorld. Thanks!
  18. Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY SHOW in now online: Episode 77 Wow, the “Voice of the Show” has every right to have a guest introduction after this episode full of 13, yes count them, 13 interviews from the Transworld Show Floor. In no particular order, we have interviews with Bloody Mary, CFX, Necrotic...
  19. TransWorld
    Didn't see any posts. Some cool props this year!
  20. TransWorld
    anyone been to transworld show in MO? do they have rules on roller bags bought in or back packs? do they have coat check on site? I have never been to this convention center.... used to do the IL show.... been a few years..... I am not staying on site or that close to it.
1-20 of 27 Results