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  1. Halloween Props
    To get you up to speed, we are doing for the third time, a large haunted house for our town. We have an old cool looking "Depot". Used to be a place where trains dropped off products back in the day. We will have 7 evenly spaced "haunt rooms" Each room is 20 X 17 feet and will flow into each...
  2. General Halloween
    Been working on this idea for a while. I've taken an old Ecto 1 remote controlled car with lights and siren that a guy modified to add more lights and wanted to mount it to one of my trains for Halloween. The trick was it had to be high enough to get around the other trains since I've got 3...
  3. General Halloween
    Didn't get a chance to post this last year:
  4. General Halloween
    The kids love the trains but I'm struggling to doll them up better for Halloween. Fog is out because of the temps unfortunately . Here's what they looked like: Ideas for this year: #1 paint the wood black. It was originally painted white when I had the trains in the house but the Warden...
  5. Halloween Props
    Of course its not outside yet. Just testing the balance of the cars with the little pumpkin figures the wife bought. I wanted to sound the horns and engine noises for you guys but the phone also controls the trains so I couldn't do both. And I had to wait for everyone to be out of the...
  6. Halloween Props
    Hi Folks. I'm going to step it up a notch this year and use LED strip lights to illuminate the halloween trains I'm putting out. The area is roughtly 8x6. These are the ones I'm thinking about using...
    I really want to know how to make those amazing lemax spookytown landscapes, such as water, waterfalls and tunnels for the trains. Any help would be appreciated! Please and thank you in advance! :o
  8. Member Introduction
    Hello, I have lurked here for a while and finally decided to join. I really love halloween and it makes me happy to find others out there that enjoy halloween as much as I do. This year I plan on permanently displaying my halloween village and train set. Dragonlady
1-8 of 8 Results