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  1. Jack the Ripper theme

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone, we're in the planning stages of our haunt this year. We're thinking about doing a Jack the Ripper theme. There isn't a whole lot out there that I can find of other haunts doing this theme. I have spoken to a few folks though, and if anyone HAS done a Jack the Ripper theme, I'd love...
  2. 2018 Canyon Trail Cemetery Walk Through

    General Halloween
    A walk through video of Canyon Trail Cemetery, our yard display located in the suburbs of Chicago. 30+ Pneumatic props along with a number of motorized and static props along with a full house façade, almost all of which were made by my Wife and me.
  3. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Wanted to swing in and say hi. I am a life-long horror fan who in recent years started doing larger and larger Halloween parties. This will be my first year doing a haunted trail and this site and it's members have been invaluable to my efforts. Hello all and thanks for sharing all the amazing...
  4. Prop Showcase: Starting to get ready

    Halloween Props
    Hello all.. I'm fairly new here, mostly lurking and learning.. there are so many incredible props and ideas available here... it's awesome!! I just wanted to share my halloween fun, and have a place to help keep me on track and organized, as I have too many ideas and projects I want to build...
  5. Prop Showcase: Black Gate Cemetery Trail 2017

    Halloween Props
    Thanks to this forum and its members for another great year!!
  6. 2017 - Canyon Trail Cemetery Walk Through

    General Halloween
    Unedited video of the 2017 manifestation of Canyon Trail Cemetery. ~30 pneumatic props and ~18 motorized ones which my Wife and I have built.
  7. New Member

    Member Introduction
    Hey there! I am a new member from Manorville, New York. We started throwing Halloween parties for our children to help my shy son meet friends. The first year we had a haunted trail that went through the back yard with a handful of folks jumpimg out and scaring the kids. They were in 3rd grade...
  8. Hello from NC!

    Member Introduction
    Hey! My name is Anna. I have been lurking on here for quite some time now so I figured it was time to introduce myself. When I was younger I HATED Halloween with a passion (it's funny now because it is my FAVORITE holiday now). I hated being scared and I counted down the day until Halloween was...
  9. 2016 - Canyon Trail Cemetery Walk Thru

    General Halloween
    An un-edited walk through of the 2016 appearance of Canyon Trail Cemetery. 30+pneumatic props which my Wife and I have made along with motorized and static props.
  10. Coming Soon.......Refuge 2...Homecoming

    Announcements / Press Releases
    When he returns home to find his children missing, he must venture forth and follow the trail of of his lost children.........
  11. Just a simple introduction...

    Member Introduction
    Hello, just wanting to introduce myself to this site, have browsed around it as a guest for quite a while and decided to join. My parents have about 8 acres of land behind their house and last year a week before the event they asked us if we wanted to decorate it for a haunted trail. Growing up...
  12. Static: 2015 Jack The Greeter

    Halloween Props
    We made this Jack Skellington as a greeter for us to direct folks to the maze or the bunny trail. The Jack was from Walgreens and the pumpkin from Target.
  13. 2015 - Canyon Trail Cemetery

    General Halloween
    An un-edited video walk through of the 2015 appearance of Canyon Trail Cemetery. 30+ pneumatic props and several motorized props. New this year is the scissors mech Witch and Witch Hut, an extended facade and a Leering Skeleton on a coffin with a small skeleton coming out the side. About 150...
  14. Atmosphere Effects: Seeking some advice for outdoor haunted trail walls

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! This will be my first year FINALLY doing a haunted trail and walk-through haunt. After 21 years of being on this earth, this is a dream come true! :D Though cost really isn't a factor, I'm trying to stay as economic as possible. Mainly being that the more economic options will...
  15. Other: Easy animatronics? Tips/ideas for "satanic forest" theme?

    Halloween Props
    Hi guys, I'm a newbie here and would like some tips/opinions. I was thinking of throwing a birthday/Halloween party for my younger sister as we both enjoy Halloween and literally every year for the past five or six years I've tried to plan my own Halloween party but always ended up too...
  16. The final result!!!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So here are the pictures of the family on Halloween night. I think over all it turned out pretty well. I have never done much makeup before, and had to kind of learn by trail and error on my test runs leading up to the big day. I think there were some that could have been better (the devil/demon...
  17. 2014 Canyon Trail Cemetery

    General Halloween
    This is a raw video walk through of our 2014 display - Canyon Trail Cemetery. After about 150 man hours of set up between my wife and I, it's about finished. A couple new items this year are the Pumpkin King, Pumpkin Skelerector and facade on the house.
  18. HauntedHammock here!

    Member Introduction
    Hey everybody!! We are an entertainment park in Wildwood Fl and we are throwing our first annual Haunted Trails this year!! We will be throwing a contest for best and scariest scene on the trail! October 10th, 11th, ......(Opening weekend of the Haunted Trails from 7PM to Midnight October...
  19. Help with rough draft wording on invite!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Time for The Spencer's Halloween Night Arrive in a Costume that is Black &/Or White ( A touch of Red would be alright ) Whether something that is Terror & Fright or Something that is of Sweetness & Light Please bring a Food Item to Bite And for The Trail, a Flashlight I have had Awesome...
  20. Trail lighting

    I am a newbie. I'm doing a haunted trail in the woods in my backyard. It is mostly for younger kids. I would love some suggestions on how to light the path. I don't want too much light so you can see the props before you are supposed to but I would like it to be lit enough so they can see...