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  1. Halloween Props
    Hi All, I have an idea for a floating candelabra that I think will look great in our haunt if I can pull it off. Which is why my first step is coming here and asking you all what you think the best approach might be. I am thinking of taking my little plastic candelabra and turning it into a...
  2. General Halloween
    We had a blast and wanted to share a few pictures from our new theme this year. We went traditional and pulled out witches, scarecrows and cornstalks. We also had two real and very heavy cast iron cauldrons. One had a real fire. (we didn't get a nighttime picture of that one). We also built the...
  3. Halloween Props
    And now for something completely different. Thinking outside the coffin. When I was building props a few years ago. My friend I played hockey with said all he did was put an old pair of jeans under an old lawnmower. He said he’s glad no one stole the lawnmower :D...
1-3 of 3 Results