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  1. Ballad of the Bones 5 track EP

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    :cool:It's halfway to Halloween so here's a 5 track EP for $1 to celebrate!:cool: https://drsnik.bandcamp.com/album/the-ballad-of-bones
  2. Static: Halloween Train Platform Build

    Halloween Props
    We've been doing the Halloween trains for years and have gone through multiple versions and train sizes. I decided this year to make it a little larger but also have room for some of our Halloween light up houses and to make more room for some of the larger train cars like the Ecto 1 last...
  3. Do You Keep Track of Your Stuff?

    General Halloween
    Once upon a time it was very easy for me to know what I had when it came to Halloween. I only had a handful of things and it all fit in a few totes that go stashed in the basement. Now I've taken over two closets, a large chunk of a bedroom, and a corner of the basement that keeps creeping...
  4. Electronic/Software: Inexpensive MP3 Player!

    Halloween Props
    In my quest for finding a reliable MP3 player that wasn't theft-prone (like the knock-off iPods all over eBay) but also wasn't super pricey, I stumbled upon this...
  5. Graveyard Ambience

    Halloween Music
    I've created an ambient soundtrack for our graveyard this year that has some material pulled from our main soundtrack. It has some elements that might not fit your theme completely but it does have some angry wind, siren-like witches beckoning, and some ghost-ish stuff, and a ridiculous number...
  6. 1980's / 1990's Mask Makers and Trademark Stamps

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I'm looking for information on companies that mass produced Masks in the 1980's and 1990's. I know most of them stamped their masks, but did certain companies not use a stamp? I'm trying to track down a mask that has no stamp or tag on it, and we've had it since the mid 1990's atleast and...
  7. Free Full 15 track Pro Haunter CD - Limited time only

    Halloween Music
    FREE Halloween Music download! We are giving away a full album of award winning haunt music to celebrate the start of October GHOST STORIES - 15 electro horror tracks for Haunts Download the CD now here...
  8. House Tracking Website

    Hey guys new to the forum. I made up a basic website to track cool houses around Canada. Just right click on the map and add any cool places or your own place with a picture if you'd like. halloweenmap.ca If there is support I can make up one for the US as well or feel free to mark you US...
  9. Need some suggestions to Haloweenie up my trains for next year!

    General Halloween
    The kids love the trains but I'm struggling to doll them up better for Halloween. Fog is out because of the temps unfortunately . Here's what they looked like: Ideas for this year: #1 paint the wood black. It was originally painted white when I had the trains in the house but the Warden...
  10. Electronic/Software: Haunted Mansion Holiday prop/audio help

    Halloween Props
    So as some of you may or may not know i have singing pumpkin prop that is similar to the one seen in the HMH that sings a 1 minute loop with scary Christmas soundtrack. So i planned on setting up these graveyard band ghost cutouts I made and play the graveyard ensembley soundtrack by them which...
  11. Mechanical: Using an overhead track for animating a hanging prop

    Halloween Props
    I'm working on a scary Great Pumpkin setup and want to have the Great Pumpkin (the 12 foot tall one from Spirit Halloween), look like he is standing up and charging coming towards the viewers on a run of about 12 feet. I think having him hanging from an overhead pipe frame system using PVC would...
  12. Why are there no threads, regarding some GREAT SPOOKY Halloween Sounds?

    Halloween Music
    Funny how nothing is complete for Halloween, until....some Spooky Sound is added to our Haunts. We see all kinds of threads about everything...BUT......Spooky / Scary Sounds. Each and every year.....I am hoping and praying that someone......will have the sound....that I am looking for. Most of...
  13. Atmosphere Effects: Dragon Roar

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone know of a good sound effect track for a dragon breathing fire? I am trying to create an affect where keyed to the sound track lights and smoke will simulate the dragons breath. Most of what I have been able to locate has music combined and I only want the effect. Thanks
  14. Help - Thunder track needed

    Halloween Music
    I recently moved to a new computer and must not have transferred over the thunder track I use. And I also "misplaced" all my MP3 players with the various soundtracks I use. But I've found everything that was on them except for the thunder track. Hoping someone has a decent one I could use...
  15. Ser Jorah Mormont Costume help?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey everyone! Been invited to a GoT theme party, and I want to go as Mormont. I'd prefer this look over any other: I have brown pants, but the shirt and belt are difficult to track down for a decent price. Any ideas out there? Or helpful links?

    Halloween Music
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYFNsrLQDVo Here is the OFFICIAL "ZOMBIE PARTY" MUSIC VIDEO, which I finished working on just recently. It is very much a Halloween-themed thing! And though the music track used (composed by Mark Lee) is really a disco sort of track, we tried to infuse as much...
  17. music downloads

    Halloween Music
    Halloweenforum is one of my favorite spots to download music.... in going thru past downloads, I discover that I'm missing the compilations Halloween Hits 6-10 (although I have the track list) Track 1 on v6 is Edgar Allan Poe, for example....am also missing Rest in Pieces 2,3, 4... Would...
  18. Help with 2001 halloween haunted house sounds cassette name

    Halloween Music
    Hey guys. Back in 2001, I bought a halloween sounds cassette. I seem to have lost it in one of my many halloween storage sites. I can't remember its name, and I'd like to find it on the internet. All I remember is that I bought it at party city back in 2001. The cover was yellow, and had the...
  19. Plan Nine From Outer Space. Original Soundtrack Recording

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/6pxmq3ipvkx7xngbcwk0gisw3qdr199s A LITTLE BACKGROUND INFO CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://graverobbersfromouterspace.wordpress.com/2014/11/25/plan-9-soundtrack-album-music-by-quadriplegics/ Tot UNFORTUNATELY THIS RECORDING WAS DONE IN ONE LONG 70 MINUTE...
  20. Zacherley "Monster Gallery"

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/qywr7y44h2iweeucex6fqokoyd8baagn TRACK LIST: 01 - Coolest Little Monster 02 - A Wicked Thought 03 - Goul View Commercial 04 - Sure Sign of Spring 05 - Transylvania P.T.A 06 - Frank and Drac Are Back 07 - Come with Me to Transylvania 08 - Spider Man...