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  1. Repairing Lemax Spooky Town Tower

    Halloween Props
    Hi, Not sure if this is correct forum, but wanted to see if anybody had experience with repairing Lemax Haunted Clock Tower 35531. The cogs, clock and skeleton animation are not working but other lights are. Thanks.
  2. Great Gatsby / Roaring 20's Party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I am doing something a bit different this year and leaving the gore behind. Each year we have a theme party that is announced the previous year and this year will be a Great Gatsby Party. I am working in the phrase “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” and possibly will have a few of the...
  3. Mechanical: Question on those off the shelf Drop Down mechanisms

    Halloween Props
    I have a few of those off-the-shelf drop down mechanisms and was wondering if the drop down distance can be modified. I have mine packed away and so can't play with it right now so hoping someone has played with theirs already and knows the answer. I'm not motor savvy so if I can use one of the...
  4. Prop Showcase: Next-level castle walls

    Halloween Props
    Hi, everybody. Long time lurker, first time thread creator. I thought I'd share an idea of mine that seems to have taken on a life of its own, but if the finished product looks anything like the vision I have in my head, this will be awesome. I've often looked in awe at a lot of the yard...
  5. Static: Walking Dead Prison Tower

    Halloween Props
    I am almost done with Prison Tower. I will have to move it in a few weeks. (Sprinkler system still on).
  6. Tower of Terror Ghosts?

    General Halloween
    Hello all, I'm needing to find the 5 ghosts effect from The Tower of Terror. I've searched everywhere for the ghosts themselves in alpha (no background). I'm needing to know (I highly doubt) if somehow this video effect was ever leaked? If anyone can help me out, it will be greatly appreciated...
  7. Other: A wrecked car body,a worn out wheelbarrow

    Halloween Props
    Some used steel cable,a piece of used steel conduit, a radio tower,a Candy Store sign...all came together over these last two days. To liven-up my backyard maze (made from 43 used steel doors from a low-income housing Apts.) The old radio tower mast is triangular welded steel tubing (1960s?)...
  8. Prop Showcase: Castle Facade Phase Phase 3 (OMG I Built a Castle!)

    Halloween Props
    Well, for those that have been following the construction of my castle facade I have some great news and great pics! The castle is nearly complete. We finally got all the tarps hung and got the creases out for the most. (Never hang a 40 foot tarp on a when the wind is blowing.) Hanging such...
  9. Static: Castle Facade Phase 2 Tower 1

    Halloween Props
    Just finished for the most part, my first tower. Instead of painting it on the 20 X 40 to look 3D I am actually going to build the towers about 5 feet out from the rest of the building using one 10 X 20 Tarp on each side to wrap around and create a 90 degree angle. Thus actually creating 2 20...
  10. Static: Castle Facade Phase 1

    Halloween Props
    This is my first attempt at creating a facade. I pretty much created a giant scene setter thus far. I used a 24 x40 Poly tarp from Walmart. The tarp is silver on one side so I used that side and sprayed a coat of grey on it then went back and painted all the stone work. This is phase 1. The...