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  1. Static: zombie horses

    Halloween Props
    made some changes to these zombie horses for my hearse next year, fleeced them to make them hopefully look more real, and added a coller and harness to pull my hears,changed out the bridle to match. just a few more touches to do I think
  2. Other: Halloween 2018: Revenant Manor Build

    Halloween Props
    I've been experiencing some issues when trying to create / update albums on the forum this year, so I figured instead of creating a build album this year, I might try a post instead. For 2018 to this point, we've added a new haunt sign, mausoleum, vine lanterns, and the 'witching well'. All...
  3. Ready to take down

    General Halloween
    Just a venting post but I'm more looking forward to taking down my haunt and decorations than finish those last little touches I used to love and obsess over each year. I have a great start, pretty much ready for the big night and prepared for what's left including times for rehearsal on Sunday...
  4. Porcupine Gulch 2016 Home Haunt - Evil Circus theme being added/mixed in

    General Halloween
    In essence, adding a few western touches as well, but main theme is some rustic/aged spooky clowns and attendant touches (overhead string lights like on a midway, conversion of jail to 'ticket booth', portable popcorn wagon, bunting/flags perhaps) visiting the ghost town. Will likely get a...
  5. Other holiday decorating? Halloween inspired or not?

    General Halloween
    Thought it might be fun to see what others do for other holiday decorating. Do you decorate to the same extent as halloween? Is your decor specific to that holiday or do you incorporate halloween?
  6. Static: Need Help with corpsing

    Halloween Props
    I have been corpsing using nylons and carpet latex. The first one came out great but the second one is still tacky and sticks to anything it touches! What can I do to make it UNsticky? Please help!
  7. Static: A hearse for my horse

    Halloween Props
    well I think the horse is done now just to do the finishing touches on the hearse then start the coffin any Ideas??
  8. Atmosphere Effects: Help with creepy things to walk on or through

    Halloween Props
    We hold a haunted house every year to raise funds for the Cancer Society. This year, I am looking for something to increase the scare factor. Something that people can walk on that feels squishy and gross, or something that touches your face that freaks you right out. Anyone have any suggestions...
  9. Steampunk Gas Mask

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi all, I've been dabbling a bit with steampunk for a little while. I'm putting the final touches on this gas mask. Hope you like it!