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  1. General Halloween
    I guess there’s a first-time for everything. Last night had a ToTer dressed up as Harry Potter. We have a big bowl filled with a variety of full size candy bars, Starbursts, Skittles and Airheads and let the ToTer’s pick their favorite. So “Harry Potter” looks in the bowl and says, “Don’t you...
  2. General Halloween
    Ever have that TOTer that you didn't like? Did they insult you over candy? Did they mess with your decorations? Do you know that TOTer which makes it worse? Did someone stay too long or made things very weird? Feel free to post about it.
  3. General Halloween
    I don't know that this deserves its own thread, but I was having a hard time getting excited about Halloween this year. Less free time and a lack of inspiration left me dragging when I thought about setting up. I considered a couple of possible new themes and/or props as well as just doing what...
  4. General Halloween
    This year, I only had one TOTer ask for a treat for "a friend" I gave the kid a chip bag (31¢) rather than the toy/candy grab bags ($1) everyone else got. Do you ever get requests for a phantom brother/sister/pal? I won't say no ... but I really want to. How do you guys handle the...
1-4 of 4 Results